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To Solve The New Standard Of Exhaust Emissions

Solve exhaust pollution problems and carry out stricter emission standards of the motor vehicle exhaust, which is the urgent affair.

Sep.1th, 2009, the European Union began to carry out the fifth generation of "European Ⅴ emission standards", at the end of 2012, will fully be implemented the sixth generation “European Ⅵ emission standards”.

Sep.16th, the United States government promulgated in the emission standards for carbon dioxide and the fuel consumption of 2012 to 2015 vehicle models, which requires that the emission of 2016 vehicle models is 55.37 g/km.

In order to reduce the emissions NOx (nitrogen oxides) and PM (particles) of the passenger cars, trucks and buses and new cars, the Japanese Homeland Traffic Province formulated the world's most stringent emission standards "after the new long-term regulation", began full implementation from October this year.

Major developed countries are in the middle of the stricter on auto emissions control standards, and Chinese emissions control standard is to keep pace with the times! Since 2008, our country carried out “state Ⅲ emissions standard”, this standard equivalent to European Ⅲ emissions standards, but European Ⅲ emissions standards is actually in 2000 has already begun to implement, and currently has been replaced by more advanced fifth generation “European Ⅴ emission standard”, that is, in the part of the emission standards, our country at present is behind than Europe the whole nine years.

In order to change the current situation as soon as possible, some provinces and cities in our country has declared implementation of the " state Ⅳemission standard" in advance, Beijing, Shanghai in this year began to implement, Shenzhen, Xi’an and Zhejiang province will also begin to implement "state Ⅳemission standard" in the end of next year. As people's environmental awareness growing, within the next year or two years, state Ⅳ emission standard will enter the overall implementation phase across the country.

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