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The Adblue Urea Solution (strength pure) of Shandong New-blue Environmental Company Makes the Sky Bl

Core tip: From May 10, 2016 to 12, the 9th China engine Emissions and AdBlu ® 2016 BBS (" 9th integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue ® Forum China 2016 ") was held in Shanghai world expo intercontinental hotels by international authoritative institutions integer.


The BBS is a big one, the attending members are Scania strategic center of China, the clean transportation committee, Daimler group, Volvo, Daimler FAW, Dongfeng Motor, China heavy truck, cummins, new-blue, Yuchai, Weichai power, Shandong LanSu, the old world and the Chinese academy of environmental sciences and other professional institutions and enterprises at home and abroad. Shandong new-blue environmental technology co., LTD. is also invited to participate in the company as a well-known enterprise in the industry. Mr. Hu, chairman of the company, came to power to share the theme.


"China engine emissions and AdBlu ® BBS" has become a industry of vehicle emissions in China and even Asia strategy high-end meetings. China's regulations on vehicle emission control are becoming more and more stringent. In the year of the 13th five-year plan, the Chinese government has made it clear that it will further promote the implementation of emission control regulations and improve air quality. All of these indicate the overall popularization of road and non-road moving machinery emission regulations in China.


The forum is held in three days, the senior representatives from the government supervision department, domestic and foreign industry enterprises have jointly discussed the latest laws and regulations of national five and six , and the advanced technology development path. It also deeply interprets the optimal control process of vehicle urea quality control and its supply and distribution. Mr. Hu Jiannan, chairman of Shandong new-blue environmental technology co., LTD., delivered a speech as a corporate representative, sharing the company's patent -- super filtration technology.

Shandong new-blue environmental technology co., LTD. focuses on the export of high quality urea materials for eight years. It is committed to the development and production of high quality pure car urea solution. It provides a one-stop solution for the urea solution of pure vehicle, it reduces the cost of urea in heavy trucks, bus system and heavy card production enterprises by more than 60%.

Shandong new-blue environmental protection is committed to global environmental protection and to reduce environmental cost and create new value for customers. Make the sky blue, make the air cleaner!

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