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Scr System Congestion

Blockage problem of SCR system 

SCR catalyst clogging problem will cause the engine power down, flame or start difficult and excessive exhaust and other phenomena, may interfere our fault judgments, seriously SCR catalyst blockage will make the exhaust pipe become very hot, and even cause the vehicle spontaneous combustion.

Let’s learn about today, how to judge SCR catalyst blockage, and clear the degree of blockage.

SCR catalyst blockage stage 

The first stage is a slight blockage stage: at this stage, the chemical complex and coke are adsorbed on the catalyst surface. Only for the performance of exhaust gas purification, exhaust emissions exceeded. 


The second stage is a moderate blockage stage: chemical complexes and coke have accumulated to a certain extent on the surface of the catalyst, this stage, exhaust back pressure increases, fuel consumption increases, power down.

The third stage is a serious blockage stage: the high-temperature sintering blockage at the front of the SCR catalyst due to the increased operating temperature of the "SCR catalyst". 

The fourth stage of high-temperature sintering blockage is divided into two kinds: one for the chemical complex sintering blockage; one for the coke sintering coking blockage. Power will be a serious decline, often happen flame out, severe exhaust pipe burned to red, and even cause the vehicle spontaneous combustion.

SCR catalyst is an effective device to reduce vehicle emissions. Catalytic converters not only need to have high conversion efficiency and long service life but also need to have good ignition characteristics (catalytic temperature), flow characteristics (flow uniform), temperature Features (temperature uniform distribution, high temperature). Kindly suggest when in the abnormal conditions, such as overheating, surge, tempering or repetitive stall, the owner should be timely downtime to repair, because these conditions can lead SCR catalyst to permanent damage forever.