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-0° how to deal with?

The car with urea freezing point is 11 degrees below zero, but the cold weather in the north are often lower than this temperature, almost wake up, riders will find the car inside the car with urea freezes over, this will affect the use of the car. In 32.5% under the concentration of urea solution freezing point reached the lowest -11 C in the cold northern winter, the urea solution urea tank inside the ice, it is certain that the truck, but friends do not worry too much, the car with urea when facing market has been taken into account in this case, the method is very simple, the car after a night of winter, will start again to preheat the urea solution, after a few minutes of urea crystallization preheating will slowly melt, then some system faults may be blocked at the system, we need not bother, preheating for a period of time after the engine starts again close to normal. A urea level and temperature sensor is also installed inside the urea tank to ensure that urea solution is operated at a suitable temperature so that it can be used safely.

The car with urea at 11 degrees below zero ice volume will increase, so the majority of drivers in the car when adding urea should not add too full, to remind the majority of riders, a car with urea box above will also have the corresponding scale indicated that the friends as long as no more than the value of it.