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Urea Solution ISO TANK

Product Description

Urea Solution ISO TANK

The United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) and its Code of Dangerous Goods (IMDG) classify such tanks into the following categories:

(1) IMO type 1: dangerous goods tank
• Liquid chemicals with a flash point below 0 ° C;
• certain chemicals that are highly toxic or corrosive; • spontaneous combustion of goods;
• goods that cause dangerous goods; • self-oxidizing goods;
• Liquid cargo with a seal pressure not exceeding the permissible pressure of the tank;
• For tanks containing corrosive and non-destructive cargoes, use special steel to form and consider the necessary lining;
• The tank water vapor pressure at 65 ° C and the resulting other partial pressure and the sum of 0.35 kg / cm2 are not allowed to exceed the design pressure of the tank;
• The material can be discharged from the bottom of the tank or at the top of the tank.

(2) IMO 2: sub-dangerous goods tank
• Liquid goods with a flash point of 0 ° C to 61 ° C and no other hazards;
• certain chemicals of low risk, toxicity or corrosivity;
• Liquid cargo with sealing pressure less than 172.4kPa but not exceeding the permissible working pressure of the tank;
• Discharging from the bottom of the tank.

(3) IMO Type 5: Liquid Gas Tank *
• for low-risk room temperature chemicals;
• non-refrigerated liquefied gas; • discharged from the bottom of the tank.

(4) IMO 7 type: refrigerated liquid gas tank
• Tank containers with insulation;
 • Low-temperature liquefied gases that require temperature control;
• Other liquid perishable goods;
• Discharge from the bottom of the tank.

(5) IMO 0 type
• Non-hazardous goods with a flash point of more than 61 ° C;
• Non-toxic and non-corrosive cargo;
• goods other than the international embargo list;
• liquid food, but with a flash point of more than 21 ° C or an alcohol content of more than 25%
Drinks should be shipped using IMO 1 tanks;
• Discharge from the bottom of the tank.

3. Tank container structure
(1) Frame program '
The tank is fixed in the overall frame, the outer dimensions of the frame conform to the requirements of ISO 668, both are made and then assembled

(2) tank-in-one beam type program
Together constitute a tank container conforming to ISO 668 and GB 1413. So you can increase the tank body
Inner volume. Used for non-dangerous goods transport.
This product is the bottom of the atmospheric pressure tank unloading port closing device, by the emergency shut-off valve, butterfly valve, end cover three parts, in full compliance

"The bottom of the discharge port should be designed to be at least two in series, independent of the closure device" standard requirements.
Emergency shut-off valve (built-in safety stop bottom valve/submarine valve) Introduction First, the product attributes 3-inch nominal diameter
Manual operation control device PTFE coated ring stainless steel 304 material built-in plate welding structure Second, the product features
Built-in safety stop valve to solve the tanker in the transport and traffic accidents may occur in the leakage problem, but also provides a tanker discharge process may occur in the emergency treatment of emergency treatment.
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