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Urea Solution 15L Barrel

Product Description

Urea Solution 15L Barrel product description:

This product is suitable for all types of trucks, buses, buses, construction machinery and ships that meet the emission standards of country IV (Euro IV) and above

Features of Urea Solution 15L Barrel

The company developed ultra-pure filtration system (national patent technology) filter, lower conductivity, effective removal of reduced triurea, reducing the solution of biuret content, the indicators meet or exceed the national standard.

Product performance of Urea Solution 15L Barrel

1. This product is the standard configuration of SCR technology.
2. This product through the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with the reaction, its conversion to nitrogen, water, thereby reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides.
Ingredients: 32.5% high purity dedicated urea, 67.5% three ultra-pure water.
Urea selection: AUS 32 special urea, containing only trace biuret, free of aldehydes and other substances (such as the anti-caking agent), sulfur and sulfide, chloride, nitrate and other compounds.
Pure water preparation: the use of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis prepared by the GB / T 6682 in line with the provisions of the three water, through the layers of the filtration system.
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