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Store Tank (Stainless Steel)

Product Description

Store Tank (Stainless Steel)1

The Advantage of the stainless steel store tank

1. Stainless steel tank has strong corrosion resistance, it is not subject to outside air and water residual chlorine corrosion. Each ball tank is subject to super pressure test ex-factory. under normal pressure living up to 100 years.

2. Stainless steel tank sealing is good; sealed design completely put an end to the air dust in the harmful substances and mosquitoes into the tank, to ensure that the water from the outside world pollution and breeding red worms.

3. Scientific water flow design to ensure the sediment from the bottom of the tank is not turned up by the water .separate the domestic water and fire protection .the domestic water turbidity from the tank decreased by 48.5%, but the water pressure is significantly increased. Which is conducive to improving the performance of domestic water and firefighting facilities.

4. Stainless steel tanks do not need regular cleaning; water sedimentation can be discharged from the bottom blowdown valve.  Incrustation can be cleaned every 3 years through simple equipment, greatly reducing the cost of cleaning and completely avoid bacterial contamination of the body.

The size is customized according to the processing requirements.

Store Tank (Stainless Steel)2
Store Tank (Stainless Steel)3
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