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Skid Mounted Dispenser

Product Description

Basic function of Skid Mounted Dispenser

1.Insulation, ventilation
2.Level display
3.Anti - overflow device
4.Anti explosive

Optional function of Skid Mounted Dispenser

1.  Anti-freezing and heating(Working under -35 ℃
2.  5000L/6000L/8000L

Main technical specification of Skid Mounted Dispenser

1.  304 Stainless steel tank
2.  Pump maximum flow rate 150Liters/M Head lift: 25Meters
3.  Liquid level probe Accuracy: 0.55mm Repeat-ability accuracy0.02mm
4.  Size: 4000L 3556mm(L)x810mm(W)x2418mm(H)
5.  Can be use connected with dispensers

Model of Skid Mounted Dispense r

  • Single gun and single display
  • Double gun and double display
skid mounted dispenser

Basic function of Ski d Mounted Dispenser

  • High accuracy dispensing with accuracy 0.3% Repeat-ability deviation 0.15%
  • Quantitative
  • Self-stop dispensing
  • Urea filtration
  • Dispensing flow rate30~35 Liters/Minute
  • Luminous keyboard
  • Lightbox logo
  • Anti-explosive

Optional function
  • IC card
  • Printer
  • Automatic heating
  • WIFI

Introduction of ALQ skid mounted dispenser

  • 4000 Liters
  • 5000 Liters
  • 100000Liters

Basic function
  • PPE tank
  • Unloading quick connector
  • Anti-overflow device
  • Silent centrifugal pump
  • High and low alarm
  • Explosion-proof fans
  • Explosion-proof power outlet
  • Separate explosion protection function

Optional function
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Heating and blending
Successful cases
Skid Mounted Dispenser1

Advantages of skid mounted dispenser
1. Can be installed near the fuel station. The truck driver can finish the dispensing and payment of fuel and Urea solution in only one place.
2. Easy to dispense, easy to settle
3. Easy to install, no affection to the operation of existing fuel stations.
4. Easy to move

Skid Mounted Dispenser2

Skid Mounted Dispenser3
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