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NW-350 Adblue intelligent production machine (box)

Product Description

Advantages of  Adblue Production Equipment compared with traditional production unit

1.Reduce cost, small cover area, small investment, high return. Distribution model from material to machine, far reduce the logistic cost compared with selling urea solution.
2.Intelligent operation, one button start, high efficiency, one person operation, part-time operation
3.Brand and certification coverage, Chain operation. like McDonald's and KFC, the same raw materials, the same equipment, the same production process, and ultimately produce the same quality AdBlue, simple management, rapid reproduction
4.Quality assurance, intelligent control production, modular, real-time online detect production process, Quality monitoring by internet cloud.
5.Quick and easy installation, it has a quick interface, no need engineer to install in the factory, reduce installation cost.

Function of Adblue Production Equipment

Functions: one-button startup, automatic operation, quality monitoring, remote monitoring, remote reminder
There are several modules in the device

Equipment module: manual mode, operation status, equipment maintenance, fault query, inventory query, quality query, output query, alarm information, automatic identification of high purity SCR grade urea.

Application scenario of  Adblue Production Equipment

Purpose: large or medium-sized convoys, logistics parks, gas stations, auto parts and blue shops.Distributor, medium and medium investors.

1. NW-350 size: 1.4m (length) *1.6m (height) * 1.1m (width)
1.1m (length)*1.2m(height)*1m (width)
Production Capacity:  4tons/day
Area covered:2.8㎡

2. NW-450 size: 1.4m (length) X1.6m (height) X 1.1m (width)
1.1m (length)X1.2m(height)X1m(width)
Production Capacity:  4tons/day
Area covered:2.8㎡

3. NW-850 Size:3.3m Length*2.2m Height*1.2m Width
Production Capacity:  8tons/day
Area covered:4㎡

Big capacity Adblue production unit of  Adblue Production Equipment

capacity from 1ton per hour to 10 tons per hour can customize as customers requirements,Need customer give the raw water quality analysis report
Tap water→raw water tank→raw water pump→media filter→active carbonfilter→anti-scale dosing device→precision filter→一1st stage high-pressure pump→1st stage RO→PH Adjusting→2Nd stage high-pressure pump→2nd stage → EDIBooster pump→Precision filter→EDIsystem→stirred tank with heating

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