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Fertilizer grade urea granular

Product Description

Fertilizer grade large particles urea

Molecular formula: CO (NH2) 2, molecular weight 60.06, CO (NH2) 2 colorless or white needle or rod-shaped crystals, industrial or agricultural products for the white slightly reddish solid wood odorless and tasteless. Density 1.335g / cm3. The melting point of 132.7 ° C. Soluble in water, alcohol, insoluble in ether, chloroform. Was slightly alkaline. Can be generated with acid salt. Have a hydrolytic effect. In high temperature can be condensation reaction, the formation of biuret, biuret and cyanuric acid. Heated to 160 ° C decomposition, resulting in ammonia at the same time into cyanic acid. Because in human urine contains this substance, so named urea. Urea nitrogen (N) 46%, is the highest nitrogen content of solid nitrogen fertilizer. It can be used as a raw material for melamine, urea-formaldehyde resin, hydrated trap, tetracycline, reduced brown BR, phthalocyanine blue B, phthalocyanine blue Bx, monosodium glutamate and other products.

Urea is a high concentration of nitrogen fertilizer, is a neutral quick fertilizer, can also be used to produce a variety of compound fertilizer. In the soil does not leave any harmful substances, long-term use without adverse effects. Livestock can be used as feed for ruminants. But in the granulation of the high temperature will produce a small amount of biuret, also known as biuret, inhibit the crop. International regulations of urea urea urea urea should be less than 0.5%. Bioderea content of more than 1%, cannot do fertilizer, fertilizer and foliar fertilizer, other application periods of urea content should not be too much or too concentrated.

Body urea production pathway

Urea is an organic nitrogen fertilizer, through the soil urease action, hydrolysis into ammonium carbonate or ammonium bicarbonate can be absorbed by the crop. Therefore, the urea should be applied 4 to 8 days before the crop needs.

Urea is suitable for basal and topdressing, and sometimes for manure. Urea in the transformation before the molecular state, cannot be soil adsorption, should be prevented with the loss of water; conversion after the formation of ammonia is also volatile, so urea should be deep casing. (Soil conversion into the soil in a small part of the molecular state dissolved in the soil solution, by hydrogen bonding by soil adsorption, most of the other under the action of urease hydrolysis into ammonium carbonate, and then generate carbonic acid and ammonium hydroxide.Then NH4 + Can be absorbed by plants and soil colloid adsorption, HCO3 can also be absorbed by plants, so urea does not leave any harmful ingredients after the application of urea in addition to urea in the role of urease can also be decomposed into ammonia and carbonic acid, Urea in the soil by the soil PH value, temperature and moisture, the soil was neutral reaction, the appropriate water when the soil temperature is higher, the faster the conversion; when the soil temperature of 10 ℃ when the urea is fully converted to ammonium nitrogen need 7 - 10 days, when 20 ℃ to be 4 - 5 days, when 30 ℃ to be 2 - 3 days can be generated after the hydrolysis of urea nitrogen ammonium, the table will cause the evaporation of ammonia, especially alkaline or alkaline The soil is more serious, so in the application of urea should be deep casing, paddy fields to deep into the reduction layer.

Urea is suitable for basal and top dressing, irrigated paddy fields can be applied. As the conversion of urea in the soil can accumulate a large number of ammonium ions, will lead to 2-3 times the PH unit, coupled with the urea itself contains a certain amount of biuret, its concentration at 500ppm, it will crop roots and Foliage from the inhibition, so urea should not be used as seed fertilizer.

Urea (nitrogen fertilizer) can promote cell division and growth, so that leaves and leaves lush.

Pest control of Fertilizer grade urea granular

4: 1: 400 with water, washing powder, water, mixing, can prevent fruit trees, vegetables, cotton aphids, red spider, Pieris rapae and other pests, the insecticidal effect of 90% or more.

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