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Filling Gun

Product Description


Adblue Filling gun




Max Flow:45 L/Min

Working pressure:0.20 Mpa

Weight:1.2 Kg

Self-sealing oil gun can automatic shut-off after filling.especially for unmanaged gas stations, to prevent oil or foam spill, keep the station clean and reduce air pollution.

1. Filling Gun Features:
(1) oil gun shape slim, gun body weight balance, easy to operate.
(2) parts were made of stainless steel, high strength aluminum alloy and plastic.With high strength, lightweight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent sealing performance.
(3) oil gun with a bright color plastic jacket, comfortable operation, protection oil guns, landscaping tanker, a variety of colors for the user to choose.

2. The Filling Gun installation of joints:
(1) If the oil gun imports for the NPT (American standard) taper thread, to be sealed with a suitable sealant.
(2) If the oil gun is imported as BSPT (British standard) straight thread, it must be sealed with rubber O-ring.
(3) connector and oil gun inlet connection to be careful of the tannin, do not screw the thread too tight, so as not to crack the gun body.

3. The Filling Gun working principle: the nozzle is equipped with a thin vacuum tube, when the bar is in the "open" position, the oil flow from the oil gun through the nozzle through the holes in the vacuum tube, as long as the air through the vacuum tube, the liquid will Continue to flow, when the tank in the liquid level to cover the nozzle on the small hole height, the air stops flowing, the oil gun close device automatically start.

4. Filling Gun Operation:
(1) oil gun switch has three fixed stalls, filling according to the flow.
(2) refueling process when the oil or foam submerged the bottom of the barrel stoma, the oil gun that is closed. If the spill or foam so that the oil gun off, the bubble can disappear and then shot.
(3) The use of stalls control refueling, the use of non-slip spring on the barrel in the fuel tank in their own fuel, without a hand, oil full of autism.

5. Filling Gun Maintenance:
(1) the bottom of the barrel ventilation should be kept open, after the blockage of a foreign body is not normal work.
(2)  hang the oil gun after filling to avoid the collision.
(3) no need lubrication, durable.

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