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Adblue Pump

Product Description

adblue pump1


Adblue pumps and tank range of high-quality innovative products include pumps and tanks for dispensing adblue. Whether you are storing or dispensing adblue from small containers or drums and IBC'S or whether you buy in bulk.The HV Series pumps are self-priming and may be located above or below the water supply in a dry location. To vertically mount these units, it is best to do so with the motor on top. This will prevent water dripping on the motor in the event of a leak. Place pump on a solid surface and secure with four mounting screws; be careful not to compress the rubber grommets, which act as vibration dampers.


Permanent magnet and continuous duty
Built-in pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump when faucet is opened and closed
Self-priming so pump can be located above water tank
Runs dry for extended periods of time without damage
Hold excellent motor keep stable temperature of pump


Ideal for unloading from Chemical liquid transfer, Totes or Drums of adblue, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Detergents, Soaps, Acids, and Alkalis.

The adblue pump is designed for the ablue solutions and is made of selected material. The diaphragm pump is a self-priming pump that can be operated without fluid in the pump and is not damaged. Those pumps are designed for intermittent duty cycles but can operate continuously in a short time. The longer the duty cycle, the shorter the life expectancy of the pump. Typical uses include transport, transfer, spray, cooling, filtration, dispensing and pressurization.

Pressure switch type: open the urea pump power switch, open the dispenser gun, start work, turn off the gun switch, urea pump automatically power to stop working; then open the gun switch, urea pump automatically connected to work.

Applicable: Aus32, urea solution, antifreeze, detergent and another chemical, pharmaceutical and other corrosive, viscous liquid.

Model                   USN-HV230        USN-HV24        USN-HV12
Inlet/outlet                1 inch              1 inch              1 inch
Flow(L/Min)            35                   30                   30
Voltage(V)              230                   24                   12
Max Pressure(bar)     3                     3                     3
Power(KW)            0.37                 0.15                 0.15
Rotate Speed(rpm) 2900                2400                2400
Diemension(mm)    270*190*160
IP Grade                    IP54                  IP54                P54
Pump design menbrane          menbrane P54
Load cycle                 cycle                 cylcle               cycle
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