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Intelligent All-in-One Adblue Production Equipment

New Blue has long been committed to research and develops and manufacture the AdBlue Intelligent All-In-One Machine and the international first leading domestic AdBlue Intelligent All-In-One Machine in 2016.

With the popularization of National 4th and National 5th, more and more vehicle users are using SCR urea. The company provides a series of SCR solution to solve the complicated process in the production of filling and using, changing the way of production, reducing the production quantity, producing local intellectually, can greatly reduce the cost to improve the efficiency, the small franchisee production at spot and the use saves a lot of packaging and transportation costs.

AdBlue Intelligent All-In-One Machine(fleet users) has the following characteristics:

AdBlue Intelligent All-In-One Machine, developed by New Blue, covers a small area, the special production process can effectively improve urea particle dissolution rate, can increase the efficiency of urea liquid dissolve to more than 5 times.

At present, the machine has been developed to the fifth generation, it can be remotely monitored, the automatic operation to be produced, when the product is not qualified, it will be automatically regenerated, saving manpower cost.

1) Real-time data monitoring, control and data storage of outgoing equipment.
2) Alarms the running equipment and maintenance reminders.Timely inform the maintenance personnel of the abnormal, ensure the normal work of the equipment and user experience.
3) Management of vehicle information and raw material. The raw materials of unknown sources are prevented to ensure the quality of urea solution. Collect the vehicle information, analyze the data, and report to relevant departments for effective supervision.
4) With mobile payment function, providing better user experience and filling efficiency.
5) Perform automatic analysis of collected data and provide data support for improvement of equipment and maintenance.

1. Compact size, covering only 2.8 square meters, 1.4M wide and 1.75M long, 1.1M high and convenient for movement.
2. The patent matching process, the production efficiency is high, the maximum output per hour is 200KG, and the production of 4-10 tons can be easily produced.
3. Environmental protection energy saving, the average power consumption per hour is less than 750W.
4. Use special SCR urea particles and high-precision filter equipment, and the quality can easily reach the standard of urea solution in German VDA.
5. Intelligent touch screen operation, one operation, one key start.
6. Intelligent production throughout the whole process, quality assurance.
8. 304 stainless steel frame material, not rusting.
9. Single batch production display, the cumulative output display, and concentration display.
10. The ratio concentration is optional and can be used to produce Marine urea or special concentration requirements.
11. Direct supply from tap water, water supply requirements 0.3T/H, pressure 0.2mpa.
12. Alarm functions of consumables replacement, equipment failure, water quality unqualified.
13. This production equipment adopts the integrated design, which integrates the water, proportioning, mixing and filtration, and avoids the complicated configuration to make the production of SCR urea much easier.
14. Modular design, update maintenance is more convenient.
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