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Adblue Production Equipment

Adblue production equipment  is comprising with Pre mixing system, heat exchange system, primary filtration system, homogeneous system, decoloring system, purification system , regeneration system etc, and which is the most advanced adblue production machine within our country and a mature technological process, has been to the large-scale industrial application.

1. Pre-mixing system: Adopt Homogeneous system to remove some Aldehydes in raw materials, and reach homogenization

2. Heat exchange system(Optional): regulate temperature to the technical requirement, bagged granule urea should be heated up, so that urea granular will be more easily soluble.

3. Primary filtration and decoloring system: Removal of suspended solids and other floating impurities in urea to ensure that the subsequent process is not affected.Decoloring system uses high-quality activity to adsorb and decolorization, remove impurities from other organic matters in urea, and make the urea solution more clear.

4. Refined filtration system: Prevents the activated carbon particles in the decoloring system from entering the post-treatment process that can impact product quality of the next process.

5. Regeneration system:Adopt multi-stage excess rate water purification, Remove all kinds of ions in urea solution, biuret, phosphate and other impurities, Ensure that the products meet the requirements of the German VDA technical specifications and the standard requirements of China's GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001: 2015 diesel engine, NOx reducing agent, ADBLUE (AUS 32).

6. Micro-filtration system: In the process of production, some invisible impurities which are invisible to the naked eye, such as pipes, storage tanks, power equipment, etc. May be produced to ensure the quality of the finished products to be stable and reliable.

  • Intelligent All-in-One Adblue Production Equipment

    Advantages compared with troditional production unit1. Reduce cost, small cover area , small investment, high return.distribut model from material to machine, far reduce the logistic cost compared wit...

  • Adblue Large Equipment

    Large adblue production equipment raw water purification technology application determines the quality of adblue solution we provide all the system complete sets of adblue equipment installation and commissioning.​