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Intelligent Adblue Dispenser

Product Description

Basic Function of Intelligent Adblue Dispenser

  • Quantitative filling
  • Automatic metering
  • Automatic billing

Optional Function of Intelligent Adblue Dispenser

  • Cloud self-service function
  • Fleet management syste

Overall size of Intelligent Adblue Dispenser

1450mm(L)x1150mm(W)x1500mm(H) or (550mm(L)x320mm(W)x600mm(H) )

Basic Configuration of Intelligent Adblue Dispense

  • PLC control system
  • LCD touch interface
  • Stainless steel urea self-priming pump
  • Filter
  • Self-sealing urea filling gun(filled with self-sealing function)
  • Internal liquid storage tank and pipeline
  • Special ellipsoid flowmeter
  • Storage box
  • Real-time level measurement system

Technical specific ation of Intelligent Adblue Dispenser

  • Flow range: 5-30L/min
  • Minimum measured: 10mL
  • Maximum allowable error: ±0.5%

Application site of Intelligent Adblue Dispenser

  • Automobile production plants
  • Large fleets
  • Bus companies
  • Transportation companies
  • Gas stations, etc.

Advantages of Intelligent Adblue Dispenser

1. De-packaging, eliminating packaging and transport costs, and affordable
2. One key start, easy operation
3. High-precision metering and quantitative filling to avoid waste
4. Authorize various functions, fast and convenient
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