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Adblue Dispensing Equipment

Skid-mounted type filling machine (also called dispenser )developed by New Blue is used for filling diesel exhaust fluid, mainly service in the highway petrol stations, large logistics park, large logistics companies, at the same time, can be combined with Adblue performance to develop to meet the needs of different customers filling requirements.
NewBlue skid-mounted type machine is the first explosion-proof filling machine that designed in accordance with the international VDA standard, in full compliance with ISO22241 standard simulation equipment, ambient temperature, humidity, air convection and environmental climate factors and precision manufacturing

Has the following advantages:  
1. Can be installed near the petrol station, the truck driver does not need to move the truck, it can be filled in one place, then payment
2. With a simple filling, easy settlement
3. Installation is fast and simple, does not affect the operation of existing petrol station
4. Easy to move