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4 Tons Dispenser

Product Description

4Tons Dispenser2

Product introduction 4 Tons Dispenser

Basic function
3.High precision measurement 0.3 Accuracy
4.High and low-level alarm
5.Pouring function
8.Capacity 4000Liters

Optional Function of 4 Tons Dispenser

1.  IC card
2.  Printer
3.  Working in alpine region with temperature under -30℃

Overall size of 4 Tons Dispenser
1.  2380mm(H)*1100mm(W)*3200mm(L)

Basic Configuration of 4 Tons Dispenser
1.Four piston urea dedicated flow meter 0.3 Accuracy
2.Computerized control panel
3.Urea special solenoid valve
4.Urea special anti-explosive pump
5.Urea special stainless steel dispenser gun
6.Urea  special hose
7.Dry fast pouring connector
8.4000Liters 304 stainless steel Urea solution tank

Optional configuration of 4 Tons Dispenser
1.  IC Card
2.  Printer
3.  Automatic heating system, working in -35℃

Successful cases of 4 Tons Dispenser

22 Fuel stations in highway service area

4Tons Dispenser3
4Tons Dispenser4
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