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The Coming Era of “New-blue Intelligence” in Car Urea Equipment

With the implementation of National-V standards emission policies of diesel vehicles, the introduction of the National-V standards, using adblue is no longer a novelty. However, many people lack the knowledge of it, and there even existing some misconceptions. Some simple introductions and attentions are made to the principle and use of the adblue, hoping to provide useful references for the relevant units.


Current situation of the adblue

With the comprehensive implementation of the National-IV standards, the demand for domestic adblue is expected to rise sharply in the future. According to statistics, four years ago there were fewer than 10 domestic adblue enterprises, with annual output of only a few thousand tons. According to Hu Jiannan, chairman of Shangdong New-blue environmental technology co. LTD in adblue equipment, more than 500 industrial and commercial enterprises have registered in China at the end of 2015, with the annual production capacity of about 5 million tons, while the annual sales volume in China is less than 600,000 tons and the capacity utilization rate is only about 20%. In addition, most of the equipment in the enterprise is large-sized with complicated operation and manual deployment, finally resulting in uneven quality of urea solution and increasing cost. In addition, the long distance logistics transport further raises the cost, thus making the production enterprises reduce the cost in the raw materials and production quality, What’s more, the market regulation is almost a decoration, and the user cannot discern the authenticity of the products, which seriously damages the credibility and image of the industry. Driven by the implement of Ⅳ emission standard in diesel countries this year, the national adblue market demand is expected to be a rapid growth rate of 3-6 times compared with year 2014, with a conservative estimation of about 2.5 million and 2.8 million tons.

Age of intelligence

The China association of automobile manufacturers has called for a faster construction of adblue system, aiming to supply the vehicle with adblue solution at gas stations along the highway and national highway by the end of 2016.

In this regard, besides to make sure the quality and output, it is more important to keep an intelligent and miniaturized "idiots" operation mode. Because there's no such gas station or motorcade that can hold large facilities and a dozen of operators to assess whether an adblue solution is qualified.

According to industry insiders, companies that can independently produce the production equipment in China are: Shangdong New-blue environmental protection and zhuhai gree group.

Shangdong New-blue environmental protection company adopts direct free equipment and clouds plus mobile terminal real-time remote control equipment; In addition, German-imported adblue quality sensor is adopted to automatically prompt problems and ensure the real time quality of products. The customer can query the real time production status and quality via the mobile APP terminal, and the company is equipped with fully automated intelligent equipment, which truly liberated the labor. The  exporting raw materials directly provided by the company for eight years to ensure its high quality, which is favored by foreign customers- foreign large Adblue/DEF manufacturers having EU VDA certification and the United States API certification. What's more, New-blue's mall intelligent production equipment only covers an area of 3㎡ with a very low threshold.

To sum up, the environmental protection is jointly created by the nation and enterprises. In the era of Internet +, catching up with the pace of the era to join the smart team rather than reeling from the traditional industries of the last century. The New-blue environmental protection company is closely following the goal of premier li keqiang's in industrial 4.0, which is dedicated to the manufacturing of China, and continuously inheriting the "ingenuity" and "creativity", which brings convenience and value to customers.

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