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Subverting the Adblue Industry, we Visit Hu Jiannan, Chairman of New Blue

At the end of 2016, the 5th China international diesel engine summit was held in Beijing. The summit attracted dozens of well-known companies from home and abroad. In view of the current situation of China's diesel engine industry, energy conservation and emission reduction policies and regulations, fuel consumption standards, latest technology trends, and future development trends of commercial vehicles are featured in the keynote speeches. During the meeting, the Truck House interviewed Mr. Hu, chairman of Shandong New-blue environmental technology co., LTD.


With the rapid development of the world economy, the wide application of numerous vehicles brings material wealth and convenient travel to our life, and brings a lot of exhaust pollution.

This is also one of the most important causes of haze flooding in north China. With the improvement of world emission standards, selective catalytic reduction technology SCR system emerged. The Adblue solution, or diesel exhaust treatment solution, is a necessary consumable in SCR system.


The SCR system includes Adblur and SCR catalytic can. When nitrogen oxides are detected in the exhaust pipes, the Adblue can automatically spew out the diesel exhaust treatment fluid. The diesel exhaust treatment liquid and nitrogen oxides occur in the SCR catalytic reaction tank, producing the pollution-free nitrogen and water vapor emission. In the area of commercial vehicles, the application of Adblue is an important symbol of vehicle environmental protection.


During the rest of the meeting, Hu and I talked about the development of commercial vehicles. This interview was directly cut to the point. Mr. Hu said Adblue is commonly referred to as Adblue or DEF in foreign countries, and diesel cars equipped with Adblue have a separate container for storage. Domestic engine manufacturers are using SCR technology to meet environmental requirements.


In the market, the retail price of 10 kilograms of small packages of Adblue can range from 40 to 150 yuan, equivalent to the diesel price. Some people say the it is cheap and some say it's expensive. What's going on?


Mr. Hu smiled, and he suggested that we should think differently. For coke, the view is fairly uniform, but contradictory. On the one hand, everyone accused coke of being a junk drink, and all admitted that coke tasted good. On the other hand, all think it is expensive, especially for small packages, but it's hard to accept that coke is cheaper than mineral water and beer.

Adblue products are special in transport logistics and canned packaging, and the two links account for almost 80% of the price. This phenomenon is similar to the pricing of liquid products such as Coca-Cola, beer and mineral water. Non-cost + non-manufacturing factors almost determine their prices, including transportation costs, packaging costs, and labor costs. This is also the problem that many formal enterprises have long puzzled.

What are the difficulties in manufacturing Adblue? For this, Hu laughed, the cost of the Adblue is not very high, the production process is not complicated, and the process is not difficult. Simply, good Adblue products are good Adblue + good water.


Is it really that easy? Of course, this is not normal water, added Mr. Hu, adding that the use of Adblue is to deionized water. How to remove metal impurities and improve the cleanliness of deionized water is the most important technical difficulty.

For most ordinary manufacturer or technology limited company, on the basis of civil water, tap water is life for raw materials, removing metal impurities relative is very difficult, it is difficult to meet the industry standard for deionized water.

How to remove sodium potassium sodium for deionized water?
Mr Hu said this was precisely the core technology of the new blue company. Nowadays, professional Adblue enterprises produce the technology of deionized water. The New blue company uses civilian tap water as the raw material, and uses two-stage reverse osmosis +EDI technology to remove most metal ions.

After the investigation of truck home, calcium, magnesium ion removal has certain technical resistance? After repeated experiments of the New blue company, activated carbon + two-stage RO membrane treatment can remove potassium and sodium ions, while calcium and magnesium ions can clog the equipment during processing. After many technical improvements, the New blue applied initial injection method, which is the combination device of the scale inhibitor device + high-precision filter. There is also a way to remove calcium and magnesium ions efficiently.

How to view the future development of commercial vehicles?
Mr. Hu said the New blue is highly bullish on China's fast-growing diesel market and had high hopes for the future of a wide range of commercial vehicle applications.

The headquarters of the New blue company is in Weifang, which is the hometown of kites and is also one of China's famous diesel car accessories base. There are Weichai power, Shengrui transmission, Fuyuan supercharger, Futian automobile, Kaima, etc., are well-known enterprises in the industry. In addition, Weifang is also the most important water treatment equipment industry base in China, with a large number of technical enterprises. Mr. Hu said that the New blue is relying on these technical bases and actively responding to the innovation and technology enterprises that have been created by national policies.


In terms of post-processing, the ministry of environmental protection and the quality inspection bureau used to try to standardize management. However, due to the aspects of human, material and technical, there is no rational and effective management method. The ultimate Adblue field is pushed and regulated by the internal combustion engine industry association.

Through the establishment of CGT industry association, a series of effective feasible schemes have been formulated.

What about the dangers of using a bad car with Adblue? Mr. Hu sighed and hated inferior products, but the regulations were not sound, and the CGT industry association had no right to enforce the law. In order to reduce the production cost, some small workshops, lawless people and black-hearted enterprises have used ordinary water instead of deionized water, which belongs to unqualified products. The urea solution produced by ordinary water contains excessive amounts of impurities. After long term use, it is easy to plug the filter and urea solution delivery pipe and nozzle, and reduce the atomization effect of SCR system, excessive impurity can even damage Adblue pump.

According to the investigation of the truck home, the case of lose a great deal through trying to save a little is happened, the price of Adblue pump nearly 10,000 yuan, many of the friends suffered losses. The Adblue has strict requirements for concentration control, acid alkalinity and reducing impurity. For agricultural Adblue, phosphate, biurea, formaldehyde, and other insoluble substances can be diluted and ignored, but diurea and formaldehyde are fatal to SCR systems. Among them, diurea in agricultural urea, formaldehyde in high temperature will be converted to melamine and other insoluble impurities, which are more severe than normal scale. Therefore, diurea and formaldehyde are known as poisons in the Adblue industry, and the maintenance of SCR system is very difficult.

What is the annual consumption of the Chinese market? What is China's market outlook? According to the CGT industry association, the production of Adblue in the year to 2015 was 440, 000 tons, and more than 1 million tons in 2016, according to the CGT industry association.

This statistic is the total production of CGT member Adblue company, and the qualified urea product of the regular enterprise.

According to the field survey of the truck house, there are countless small workshops every year, which are producing the Adblue products in the car. Most of them are substandard products, and due to local protection, these fake products have become the cancer of the market to deal with.

In order to break this embarrassing situation and ensure the consistency of the Adblue products, Hu led the New blue innovative development of the miniaturized Adblue manufacturing machine. The New blue has become the first in the industry to eat crab, which is both a regular manufacturer of Adblue products and a technology company with a miniaturized urea manufacturing machine. At the same time, Hu also revealed to the family of the truck that Gree group had also tried to enter the market of automobile Adblue manufacturing, But the exhibition in Kunshan has been temporarily withdrawn. This not only makes us think that miss Gree, with its strong market acuity, may be hindered by the obstinate board of directors.

New blue and Gree, two technology companies with small manufacturing machines, are trying to become a rival technology company. Only New blue continues to develop and improve, and stick to this unique innovation.

This all-in-one machine, the truck home, has made a simple report on the exhibition in Kunshan, but the work presentation content is less. What are the advantages of the New blue innovation product?

Mr. Hu is very happy to welcome the truck family to the Shandong Yingkou to experience the New blue miniaturized Adblue manufacturing machine.

The New blue car adopts intelligent design with Adblue solution, which is not only simple, but also intuitive and humanized. And add a certain amount of Adblue raw material, and then turn on the screen power to enter the solid auto urea operation interface, click "one-click start" device to start production. The concentration of urea solution and the conductivity of water quality can be viewed on the screen.

The flow of Adblue solution and other information can be used to check the flow chart and operation of the current equipment. At this stage, the new blue has 2 smart Adblue one-piece products, one is large NW-850, and the other is small NW-450. According to Mr. Hu's introduction, the model is NW-450 smart small one-piece machine with a daily output of up to 4 tons. It covers an area of about 2.8 square meters and is about the same area as the usual juicer in the mall.
The advantages of miniaturized car urea one machine are 4 points:

1. Reduce costs and reduce transportation costs and packaging costs.
2. Reduce secondary pollution and ensure product consistency.
3. Easy to promote, especially the marginal areas, more cost-effective than building factories.
4. Easy operation, convenient and practical for the majority of card friends.

At the same time, Mr Hu revealed to us that the New blue is working closely with the manufacturers of injection equipment, and the price of future products will be more affordable and the convenience of operation will be further improved.

Mr. Hu said that the New blue compact model is suitable for large and medium-sized teams, large freight companies and logistics hubs. However, Mr Hu also said that the current market promotion of products was blocked: first of all, large regular gas stations are monopolized enterprises, which are very repulsive to such products, which will directly affect the market position of Adblue products in the auxiliary enterprises of gasoline stations. Secondly, at present, the product has not yet been produced, the low price of Adblue, and how to ensure efficient recovery cost.

The afterword

According to the analysis of the home of the truck, if the national policy strengthens the law enforcement, the supervision of the emission regulations is stricter, the vehicle urea will show the potential of the blowout, the New blue compact car will be expected to enter the market in spring. A friend who is interested in a New blue mini-car with a Adblue unit can continue to follow the truck home's follow-up report.
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