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Newblue successfully obtained ISO9001 certificate of qualit

September 8, 2016- a day to celebration forShandong Xinlan environmental technology co. LTD, for their passing the certification of the national authorities and obtaining ISO9001 certificate of quality management system.


Since the inception of that company, it focused on export automotive urea raw materials, providing one-stop urea solution, with which the cost of vehicle urea solution for bus transportation system, heavy truck and truck production enterprises is reduced by more than 60%. The company adheres to the principle of noise-free and pollution-free, and is committed to environmental protection, to reduce the cost of environmental protection, to benefit the customers and to participate in environmental protection with the help of Internet, aiming to make the sky more blue and the air cleaner.

In short, Shandong Xinlan environmental technology company follows the thinking of constantly creating value for customers, focusing on the automobile urea industry, and aiming to create the new blue sky.

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