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Newblue has a yearly Production of 3000 Tons of Adblue

1. The name and overview of the project

Project overview: Shandong New blue environmental science and technology co., LTD., with a yearly capacity of 3000 tons of Adblue in the car, is located in the east of the village of Channing road south of Changning street, Xinchang street, Weifang high-tech zone, and invest 3 million yuan, there are 7 sets of production equipment, including workshop, baling press, filling machine, reverse osmosis pure water equipment and so on. After the project has been completed and put into production, the production capacity of the urea solution will be 3, 000 tons per year.

2. The impact of construction projects on the environment and prevention and control measures

1) the waste gas

The waste gas mainly refers to the free ammonia produced by the stirring process. The exhaust gas from the mixing tank shall be collected through water to absorb the exhaust gas in the rear air cylinder, which shall meet the standard requirements of the standard for the discharge of malodorous pollutants (gb14554-93).

2) wastewater

The wastewater of the project is mainly sewage and pure water.
After the sewage is deposited in the septic tank, the waste water from the wastewater is discharged into the municipal sewage pipe network. Its discharge should meet the requirements of grade A standard in table 1 (GB/t31962-2015) and the reception of sewage treatment plants in Weifang hi-tech development zone.

3) noise

The noise of the project is mainly for the filling machine, the machine, the mixer, the noise is small, about 50 to 60dB (A), after measures such as noise reduction and distance attenuation, the noise can meet the two categories of standard for environmental noise emission standards of industrial enterprises (gb1238-2008), namely, no more than 60dB(A) of the day, or less than 50dB(A) at night.

4) solid waste

Urea waste packaging bags are recovered by the manufacturer; Pure water preparation of membrane filter belongs to general solid waste, which is recovered by the factory. The activated carbon is a hazardous waste and is entrusted with the disposal of qualified units. The precision filtration membrane belongs to hazardous waste, which is handled by the qualified unit. Household garbage is regularly transported by the sanitation department.

3. The key points of environmental impact assessment conclusions presented by environmental impact statement

The construction of this project conforms to the national industrial policy and has higher economic and social benefits. The production process and products of the project meet the requirements of cleaner production. All kinds of pollutants produced in production can be controlled by effective control measures, which can meet the standard emission and have low impact on the environment. On the premise of strengthening safety production measures and avoiding environmental risks, it is feasible for the site to be reasonable and constructed from the perspective of environmental protection.

4. Name and contact information of the construction unit

Construction unit name: Shandong new blue environmental technology co. LTD

Contact number: 15153600988

Contact: Zhang

5. The name and contact information of EIA agencies for evaluation work

Environmental impact assessment agency: Qingzhou Fang Yuan environmental impact assessment service co. LTD

Contact: 0536-3206737

Contact: Zhong Shan

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