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New-blue: Take the New Solution of Urea for Vehicles to CICVE

The first China international commercial vehicle and parts exhibition (CICVE), hosted by the China association of automobile manufacturers will be held at Kunshan international convention and exhibition center from November 3, 2016 to November 6, 2016 (The exhibition was arranged from October 31st to November 2nd, and exhibited in from November 3rd to 6th. The exhibition was cancelled after 15:00 November 6th to 7). It is necessary for the market to hold commercial auto show in China and make it into a professional exhibition with scale and international influence.

Shandong New-blue environmental science and technology co., LTD. will bring its production of high efficiency and small intelligent machine production equipment to the exhibition to demonstrate to industry and society a solution to the problem of quality control and high logistics cost for vehicle urea separation and transport.

The production integrated machine of intelligent urea for automobile produced by Shandong New-blue adopts integrated design, stirring, filtering and reverse osmosis, avoiding all kinds of complicated configurations, this makes the production of urea for the car become easy and convenient, and the device has the characteristics of removable, small area and simple operation. It is especially suitable for use in gas station, parking lot, logistics park, motorcade, bus sanitation, service station etc. In general, this is an economical and environmentally friendly solution to urea. When the product matures to market, it will change the market pattern of the current car urea.


Hu Jiannan

On October 18, 2016, Wei Anli, the deputy secretary-general of the Chinese internal combustion engine industry association, together with related personnel of CAMC, Weichai Group, visited production workshop and product samples of Shandong New blue environmental protection technology co., LTD., at the subsequent meeting of the production and demand coordination meeting, Hu Jian, the new-blue general manager, made a report on the intelligent production of urea liquid equipment in the line of wei Anli. The product design concept and product related use are expounded.

At the meeting, as the demand side of the CAMA, Weichai Group, the related personnel discussed the cost of the equipment and the quality of the products with related technical personnel of the New- blue. According to the introduction, equipment with an area of only 2.8 square meters can produce 4 tons of urea solution per day. The quick and convenient production process and the low cost of the use have attracted the attention of the staff of the CAMA and Weichai power.


Wei Anli

According to Hu, some logistics companies have started using the production integrated machine of intelligent urea for automobile. In order to understand the use of the equipment, Wei Anli came to Dongying Xijiao railway transportation co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") to investigate and visit on October 19, 2016.

The company is a logistics enterprise mainly engaged in the transport of dangerous chemicals. At present, the company has more than 150 vehicles and will increase to 200 vehicles in the later stage. As the country becomes more and more strict in the transportation of dangerous goods, the profit space of the dangerous goods transportation industry is repeatedly squeezed.
How to reduce the cost becomes the top priority of company management, which is the original intention of the company to use the production integrated machine of intelligent urea for automobile of New-blue.

At the end of the tour, Wei learned about the use of the common iron through the transport of urea in the car. The installation and application process of the production integrated machine of intelligent urea for automobile is concerned, he hoped that the rail link would be a "test field" for a new solution to the urea, in addition, he also told the New-blue leaders to do the relevant after-sales service and data collection work, and strive to bring together the rail link for the sample and promote it to the outside world.


Zhang Jincheng accompanied Wei to visit the company

According to zhang Jincheng, general manager of Dongying Xijiao co., LTD. The current dangerous goods transportation business is facing a lot of difficulties, the low price, the driver's mobility, the traffic accident. These have largely affected the profitability of the company. Therefore, reducing costs and expenditure becomes the inevitable choice of the company. Choosing the production integrated machine of intelligent urea for automobile of New-blue has the advantage of low cost.

For the large-scale logistics companies, such as highway, railway and intermodal transportation, it is the most suitable solution to use the production integrated machine of intelligent urea for automobile to produce urea for vehicles.

Wei 'Anli visited the wireless video monitoring and management system of the MTR vehicles

With the unveiling of the New-blue at the commercial auto show in Kunshan, more and more users will be able to understand the solution of this new car urea. At that time, the market of our car urea will usher in a new change.
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