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New Blue Environmental and France FMT companies work together to enter the Chinese car urea refuelin

New Blue Environmental and France FMT companies work together to enter the Chinese car urea refueling market

On November 5, 2017, the 2nd China International Commercial Vehicles and Parts Exhibition kicked off. The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between France FMT Company and Shandong newblue Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., invited to participate in this exhibition, was held. French FMT company general manager, deputy general manager and marketing manager, new blue company general manager jiannan hu marketing president qingtang zhang leaders personally visit the scene, witnessed and carried out the signing ceremony.
The strategic cooperation signing ceremony, the French company FMT and Shandong newblue Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. reached a consensus to "share the same blue sky, helping environmental protection," join hands to enter the domestic car urea market。

Established a new type of strategic cooperation between the two sides will conduct in-depth product development, marketing and other aspects of the exchange and cooperation in depth for the car refueling equipment industry to provide high-quality, high efficiency car filling machine and work hard. Blue Company for the rapid, sustained and healthy development has laid a good foundation.
It is reported that France FMT company has a long history, strong capital, high product quality, good service reputation based on the European market. Company production, technology research and development, independent marketing as one, in order to follow the "quality first service first" market principle, work diligently and conscientiously, act as a man, to raise the equipment manufacturing industry, full of vitality.

Shandong newblue Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is Adblue product research, production and sales in one of the modern enterprise. With the sincere cooperation with many customers experience, to create an excellent team of technology research and development elite. Relying on advanced production, testing and laboratory equipment in the industry, we are devoted to research, development and production of Adblue. We have won the market with superior products and become a new rising star in the intelligent ADBLUE production machine industry.
The heads of enterprises of both countries said that in the future, the two companies will conduct in-depth and comprehensive cooperation and join hands together to strengthen the alliance. Committed to the cause of automotive exhaust gas, to create a win-win new situation.
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