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New Blue declassified vehicles with urea solution without blocking the nozzle

Dear friends of the four vehicle users: how much do you know about the product of urea solution? What harm can you do to your car by using inferior urea? How much will it cost? China's four vehicle users are buying cheap urea at the market in order to spend less. These practices seem to reduce the cost of the car, which actually makes a lot of sense, and even lets you spend more.

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Damage one: damage to the urea pump

In fact, the production of urea solution is very strict. It is composed of 32.5 per cent of high pure urea and 67.5 per cent of deionized water. Some companies use plain water instead of ionized water in order to reduce production costs. However, the production of the vehicle urea solution cannot meet the requirements of use, belonging to unqualified products. The urea solution produced by non-deionized water can also cause excessive levels of impurity and clog filter, urea solution delivery pipe and nozzle. This also reduces the atomization effect of the SCR system, which can even damage the urea pump.

Damage two: damage to urea nozzle

The urea nozzle is located in the exhaust pipe. It's in a high temperature environment for a long time. It works by cooling the circulation of the urea solution. Without the cooling effect of urea solution, the urea nozzle is also prone to damage.

Damage three: damage to metering pump

Substandard concentration will lead to the failure of discharge. Finally, the engine torque is reduced and the vehicle is weak and the freezing point of the solution is raised. In cold working conditions, the metering pump is frozen.

Case: one of the four vehicle users in Chongqing. The owner found that the OBD was abnormal. The car was diagnosed with a blockage of urea nozzle. After inspection, the test is not standard for urea products. The owner replaced the nitrogen oxide sensor and the original plant urea, losing tens of thousands of yuan directly. Users lament that using counterfeit products is a pyrrhic reward.

In conclusion, the use of substandard urea solution can cause the damage of urea pump, nozzle, catalyst and other post-treatment system parts. This will bring you the loss of your eyes. Therefore, the friends of the car owners should not be small. We should choose pure car urea solution solution.


Shandong New Blue is the leader of the IVSCR system solution. Shandong New Blue environmental protection has been committed to allow users to maintain SCR system and solve SCR problems easily. Previously, Shandong New Blue environmental protection has launched the SCR professional car urea solution -- the strength pure car urea solution. This can be used to effectively solve the problem of crystallization of SCR nozzle.

The New Blue super filtration system of Shandong New Blue environmental protection is adopted in the new national patent technology. It can effectively remove triuret, colloidal material and extremely fine particulate matter. It can effectively prevent the truck from blocking the urea nozzle. The urea solution produced by New Blue is more than twice as high as the normal urea solution. This proves that the new blue urea solution is cleaner and can better protect the truck's SCR exhaust system.

The crystallization of cyanuric acid is deposited into the urea nozzle when the urea is heated. It constantly recondensation to form melamine. This kind of crystallization can clog the shower head and change the atomization effect of urea solution. This results in the failure of urea to completely hydrolyze in the exhaust system, and the resulting condensation reaction. This can lead to blockage of the entire exhaust pipe, resulting in anti-pressure on the engine, higher fuel consumption and less power. That's a big danger.

Shandong New Blue environmental protection carefully screened the vehicle urea solution raw material. AUS32 urea, which contains only trace biurea. It contains no aldehydes and other substances (such as antistents) and sulfur and sulfide, chloride, nitrates, and other compounds. We help users to use the car urea solution safely. Owners can avoid the huge cost of replacing the urea tank. We will complete the system solution supporting services.

Improving environment is the responsibility and goal of Shandong New Blue environmental protection company. In addition to the four countries' solutions, it can also promote energy conservation and emission reduction in many aspects. We advocate protecting the environment. Shandong New Blue environmental protection issue "New Blue car urea smart machine". This can solve the supply chain problem of vehicle urea. This allows teams and customers to reuse the original plastic packaging in a small scale, reducing the cost of use and helping to better protect the environment.

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Shandong New Blue environmental protection is committed to the four countries of the system of five emission system solution. We provide quality products while reducing environmental costs. Shandong New Blue environmental sustainable development, continuous improvement of the five systems solutions, to help the country environmental protection. Make the sky bluer and the air fresher.
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