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New-blue and Weichai Built a Pure Adblue Quality Brand

"The exchange meeting about the strength of pure Adblue solution and adblue production equipment technology of Shandong Weichai power group and New-blue environmental protection was held in Weifang Jinmao international hotel on July 25, 2016.


The person who participate in the seminar not only includes Weichai Power Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd. chief engineer Dr. Zheng Guanyu, Shandong New Blue founder Hu Jiannan, Mr. Zhang Qingtang, it also includes media friends from Weifang TV station, entrepreneurs from the Adblue solution industry, and leaders of the relevant departments of the city. All participants discussed the problems encountered in the use of SCR system technology and Adblue, insight into the development trend of the national industry, and jointly formulated ideas for improving air quality.


The communication was firstly Shared by the chief engineer of Weichai power, the chief engineer of Zheng Guanyu, for the influence of the quality of Adblue solution on the performance of the post-treatment system. Zheng analyzed the problems existing in the industry from the technology, the bad damage to the SCR system was caused by the unqualified Adblue solution, and explained the technology standards of China of V and VI. In the end, Zheng stressed that he hoped Weichai and Shandong New-blue environmental protection two families can jointly promote the industry standard, strictly implement the Adblue solution quality.


Later, Hu Jiannan, chairman of Shandong New-blue environmental technology, delivered a speech on the design philosophy and product quality of the New-blue smart device. He also discussed with other participants about how to make customers better use of SCR system and reduce environmental cost.

Through this exchange meeting, participants learned about the advantages of Shandong New-blue environmental science and technology model in the free delivery of micro-intelligent Adblue production equipment, portable operation and quality control of the cloud. It also provides high quality raw materials to regulate the whole Adblue processing industry.

Shandong New-blue provides customers with high quality pure Adblue solution and complete solution.

The seminar also received the attention of the news media. Weifang TV made the full interview record.

Shandong New-blue environmental protection science and technology focus on eight years of high quality automotive Adblue raw materials exports, and provide one-stop strength pure motor solution, for the public transport system, heavy truck team and manufacturing enterprises to reduce 60% for using cost.

Shandong New-blue "pure" brand Adlue solution, with advanced super filtration technology, using high quality Adblue raw materials, higher quality than ordinary Adblue solution.

"The strength is pure, just have the strength!" Shandong New Blue follows the thinking of creating value for customers, focusing on the industry of Adblue. We are only for the new blue sky!

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