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Integrated Machine of New-blue Technology Developed, Adblue can be Made by Itself

The first China international commercial vehicle and spare parts exhibition was launched at Kunshan international exhibition center on November 3, 2016. As the country has become more and more stringent on the emission of diesel vehicles in recent years, many enterprises have come to show their company's urea products in the exhibition.

products 1

Shandong New-blue environmental technology not only brought the company's production of pure series Adblue products, but also brought some materials and equipment for making adblue urea solution. An intelligent vehicle for production of Adblue solution for automobile, the Adblue solution can be processed on site, which can save cost greatly and is suitable for large convoys, logistics parks and gas stations.

products 2

High purity of the export grade of the Adblue materials

The vigorous pure series Adblue solution of the New-blue environmental science and technology, with high purity of the export grade of the Adblue raw materials, at present, it exports to more than 20 countries, direct and ultrapure water proportion, we can get qualified Adblue solution.

products 3

The smart minicomputer NW-45 can produce up to 4 tons per day

The smart minicomputer NW-45 can produce up to 4 tons per day. It covers an area of about 2.8 square meters. It is suitable for large and medium sized vehicles, gas stations, etc. It has the function of one-button start, automatic processing and quality control.

products 4

A smart integrated machine can produce up to eight tons per day

The process of using Adblue solution for intelligent integrated vehicle is also simple. First add a certain amount of Adblue raw material, then turn on the screen power to enter the solid Adblue operation interface, click "one-click start" equipment to start production. The concentration of Adblue solution and the conductivity of water quality can be viewed on the screen. The flow of Adblue solution and other information, entering the "running state" can also check the flow chart and operation of the current equipment, which is very convenient.

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