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Hu Jiannan Visited the Certification Center of Verband Der Automobilindustrie( VDA )

The footsteps of exploring the world will not rest, the New-blue environment is always the best in the field in the export of Adblue raw materials, with rich experience in international market. After the meeting, Hu Jiannan and his team visited the German market. The investigation revealed that commercial vehicles are developing rapidly at a rate of 3 million a year. It has also been found that German car companies have pioneered the use of quality urea solutions in cars. We have strengthened the determination of the New-blue environmental protection "new Adblue solution" to serve the world.

The scene of adding ADBlue solution to Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen series cars

Shandong sealan environmental protection Co. Ltd. and Weichai group jointly established in Weifang, which belongs to the "fellow". Weichai is not only a loyal partner in the new blue environment, but also an example of its enterprise development. On this trip, the new blue environment was specially arranged to visit Linde, a subsidiary of Weichai, which is based in Arshenburg. And learn and exchange advanced technologies and ideas in Europe, and continue to accumulate experience for the promotion of the European area of small intelligent manufacturing machine for Adblue.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, Shandong New-blue environmental science and technology co., LTD. is leading the development of urea technology in the world with a new attitude. "Let customers use high quality and low cost vehicle Adblue solution" will be the mission that they always adhere to, "let the world sky bluer", will also be its eternal social responsibility and responsibility.

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