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High Quality Low Cost, New blue Push new Solution of Adblue

On June 27-29, 2017, the 13th European Union diesel engine exhaust emission &AdBlue peak BBS will be held in Dresden, Germany. This peak BBS is mainly around heavy commercial trucks and non-road mobile tools. The legislation and technological progress of light card and passenger vehicle emission control and Adblue solution are discussed.

Including the VOLVO group's environmental affairs director Rolf Willkrans, Clement Chandon of Italian IVECO group, Honda r&d center of Europe, Michael Fischer, etc, there will be more than 250 vehicle and engine manufacturers and policymakers from Europe and the world, to participate in the BBS. Hu Kennan, chairman of Shandong New blue environmental technology co., ltd. was also invited to participate in the BBS as a representative of the auto urea production enterprise.
New Blue and its holding company have been focusing on the development and production of Adblue units for the past nine years. Its products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions in the world and accumulated over 200,000 tons. It is an excellent choice for hundreds of AdBlue manufacturers abroad.


It has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and passed the VDA certification of the most stringent German automobile industry association in the world. It has a professional laboratory for the use of Adblue, and the products are subject to the ISO22241 standard of the EU. This BBS, Hu Kennan, the chairman of new blue, will bring a "new Adblue solution" to the world. The new blue research and production of the Adblue small intelligent production machine, completely changes people's perception of traditional production equipment. The new machine has the following characteristics:


1. Miniaturization of the production site

The equipment is small, and the plant investment is small

2. Intelligent production operation

Intelligent operation interface, realize one-key intelligent production

3. Productive capacity

Automate production, reduce manual intervention

4. High quality of production products

The nanoscale filtration technology makes the solution more pure and transparent, and the German solubility testing equipment guarantees the stability of the solution concentration

5. Real-time monitoring of background monitoring

Cloud data monitoring, production process and quality real-time query

As the environmental problems are becoming more and more serious, the exhaust pollution as the main source of pollution is becoming a problem facing the whole world, and it is very important to solve the problem of diesel vehicle exhaust emission. The convenience of Adblue is the most economical and efficient way to solve the exhaust pollution.

This New Blue will together with Volkswagen, BMW, VOLVO and other world famous car manufacturer have a further discussion about the environmental pollution, emissions, and automotive Adblue issues. Discuss the strategic cooperation of Adblue enterprises and vehicle manufacturers to solve the exhaust emission problem from the source.
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