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The German VDA Certification was Awarded to the New Blue in the EU Seminar

Commercial vehicles play an important role on the rapid development of economy. With the demands of the connected world and energy conservation advancing with the times, the post-processing system becomes the top priority. The new blue has been recognized by the China Internal Combustion Engine Association for its innovative model, and gained the German Automobile Industry Association VDA certification this time.


2017, AdBlue peak BBS of the 13th annual yingjie EU diesel engine emissions will be held in Dresden, Germany. The conference mainly focuses on the emission control of heavy commercial vehicles, non-road tools, Light trucks and passenger cars and the legislation and technological progress of adblue solution. New blue founder Hu jiannan is to be invited to participate in BBS as a representative of China's adblue related company, and to explain "a new solution for adblue " in detail.

After obtaining ISO9000 certification, adblue gained the German automotive industry association VDA authentication this time, which not only represents the new blue car's use of adblue in the world, but also means that China's post-processing technology is far more advanced than that of the United States and Europe. It also shows China's determination to practice environmental protection.

European and American giants have monopolized the technology of high-end commercial vehicles, and the German automobile industry association of Europe, VDA and API of the American petroleum institute, are two major international certifications. By learning from the scientific methods including field control, quality traceability and product consistency management, domestic enterprises dealing with relevant business have embarked on a new journey of innovation. Shandong New blue environmental science and technology co., LTD., which produces 200,000 tons products per year, mainly offers two solutions:

Adblue, the adblue solution of strength pure brand. Multi-layer patented filtration technology is applied to remove the non-visible suspended impurities of 0.001 micron in the quality urea solutions and the colloidal substance, which can be used in the SCR system of heavy commercial vehicles meeting the National-V standards emission standards.


B. A small one-machine solution for the production of adblue. Through years of research and development, new blue has the world's pioneering miniaturization and the intelligent manufacturing of adblue solution, which can unify the industrial quality standard and realize the rapid localization of adblue.

The new blue scheme can solve the following seven problems of adblue: quality inconsistency, complex supply chain, high logistics cost, waste of packaging material, secondary pollution, high labor cost and remote monitoring. By integrating the cloud technology, the new blue one-machine solution provides real-time monitoring of the production process and quality, which can be easily checked on the mobile phone.

At present, the new blue has 2 smart adblue one-piece products, one is large nw-850, and the other is small nw-450. Nw-450, a small scale machine with a daily output of four tons, covering an area of about 2.8 square meters, which is about the same size as a typical juicer at the mall.

smart minimachine nw-450

The new blue keeps a close cooperation with equipment manufacturers, future products of them are expected to be more affordable with further promoted operational convenience. The new blue compact model is suitable for large - and medium-sized vehicles, large freight companies and logistics hubs.

National-V standards are already here and National-VI standards are under the planning. With the higher requirements on environmental protection, the consumption of adblue will be increased rapidly in the future, which is good for the post-processing relevant companies. Therefore, we firmly believe that China's commercial vehicle industry will be better and better.
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