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The authority of the car with urea intelligent manufacturing machine - Shandong New Blue

In November 3, 2016, the "China international commercial vehicle and parts exhibition", sponsored by China association of automobile industry, is carried out at Kunshan international exhibition center in Jiangsu province. The exhibition will display all aspects of commercial vehicles, diesel exhaust treatment fluid (urea solution) and related industries to meet the technical progress and new product research and development results required by the country's five emission standards. The audience can see the development status of the whole industry chain of commercial vehicles.

At the exhibition on the morning of March 3, the company held a signing ceremony for a demonstration application of the new blue car in Shandong. Attended the signing ceremony of ministry of methanol are car ten team - the former minister of ministry of He Guangyuan, Wei AnLi, Ge Hong, deputy secretary-general of China internal combustion engine industry association, and valin star automobile (group), signing on behalf of Qingdao logistics association etc.

At the ceremony, Hu Jiannan, founder of Shandong New Blue environmental technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "new blue"), said that the company has eight years of experience in the export of urea raw materials in the industry. While providing high-quality raw materials for global customers, we also actively lead the development of environmental protection trends in the world. With domestic and foreign domestic butler joint research and development of the car urea solution intelligent processing machine equipment. And the equipment is a unique technology in China and even globally, which has reached the advanced level of the world.

The new blue research and development equipment integrated the small ultra-pure water purification equipment, the vehicle urea solution production equipment, the vehicle urea solution manufacturing equipment, and the injection machine and so on. The system adopts PLC automatic control system. It can be fully automatic production and processing, can realize unattended. It also adopts cloud monitoring technology. We can monitor the quality and ensure the normal operation of production equipment. The machine produces a hundred percent of the urea solution.

This automatic production and processing equipment is highly integrated, highly automated and highly intelligent. A set of equipment is a small car urea solution production plant. It directly processes the raw material of the urea solution in the car directly into the urea solution that can be used directly, and can be added directly to the vehicle as refueling. This reduces unnecessary links in the middle and reduces user usage costs.

It is understood that the cost of producing a single ton of urea solution for the new blue is about 700 yuan. The price of a single ton of urea solution is about 3,000 yuan. The calculated cost is only a quarter of the number of urea solutions sold directly on the market. It really lowers the user's direct cost of use. At present, the equipment has been used in teams, bus companies and other places.

For the first time in this industry to achieve self-sufficiency

Wei Anli, deputy secretary-general of China's internal combustion engine industry association, said at the ceremony that the New Blue is the first in China and the world to develop the device. It really made it small, smart and efficient. The institute has been concerned about the launch of the equipment. This signing ceremony is also a better promotion of such good equipment, which will benefit more people. The New Blue one realizes the transport of the urea solution to the transport of urea raw materials. This saves the transportation, manpower, packaging and other links in the middle, and users can also use local materials to achieve self-sufficiency.Now commercial vehicles, especially heavy trucks, are required to add urea solutions if they are to meet the five or higher emission standards. Without the urea solution in the car, the air pollution is quite large. However, due to the purchase, selling price, and the addition of the problem, often a lot of car urea solution is substandard or high cost. This directly or indirectly causes the user not to use the car urea solution, which leads to air pollution. In the new blue, the use of urea solution is reduced. On the other hand, it is also a positive contribution to reducing environmental costs and improving air quality.

Megamerger machine will shine in the industry

A grand signing ceremony was held at the end of the event. Valin star horse automobile (group) co., LTD., Liaoning lasting development group co., LTD., the western suburbs of Dongying public rail transport co., LTD., Jiangsu ya shi trade co., LTD., Qingdao transfer logistics highway port, Qingdao logistics association jointly signed a cooperation agreement with the New Blue. In the future, the New Blue one will appear in the parking lot, transportation companies, etc., which will fundamentally reduce the user's cost of using and improve the user's interests.

Additional Words

The New Blue - produced urea smart manufacturing machine can be said to change the current situation of urea in the car. According to the current market price of car urea solution, it is true that the cost is greatly reduced. At the same time, the machine also realized miniaturization and intellectualization. And it can be unattended. From these aspects, the New Blue one will be in the future market and the cost of the guide.
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