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A Strategic Agreement between the New-blue and Gaoshan Group

2017 is a lucky year for Shandong New-blue environmental Science and Technology Co., LTD. At the beginning of the New Year, New-blue obtained the "VDA certification" of the German automobile industry federation with almost full marks. However, the new-blue people have not been complacent about such achievements. Under the leadership of Hu Jiannan, the new-blue company and the company of Gaoshan group have been through more than two months of contact, communication, field investigation and negotiation. On the morning of March 8, 2017 at the Shandong operation center of the New-blue company, Hu Jiannan, chairman of New-blue environmental protection technology co., LTD., and Gao Huishan, chairman of the Gaoshan Group, they have conducted in-depth communication about the adblue machine details of the cooperation, and discussed the mode of cooperation in the future.

Finally, the strategic cooperation agreement was signed.

The following chart shows the photos of the cooperation between the two parties.

strategic agreement 1

strategic agreement 2

strategic agreement 3

Gaoshan Group, as a large auto rescue company in China, is also experienced in choosing partners. During this period, Gaoshan group visited many well-known enterprises in China, including my company. Compared with the company's overall strength, research and development team, operating ability, after-sale service, they think production research and development of "small intelligent car urea manufacturing machine" of our company meet the needs of the development of its group. It helped to improve the post-rescue maintenance of the company.

strategic agreement 4

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