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The New Adblue Program Unveiled in the European Union

On June 27-29, Beijing time, the 13th international European Union diesel engine exhaust emission &AdBlue peak BBS was held in Germany as scheduled. Shandong New-blue environmental protection technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the new blue environment") as an outstanding representative of China's Adblue and urea solution was invited to attend the meeting.

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Hu Jiannan, chairman of Shandong New-blue environmental technology co., LTD made a speech at the meeting

During the meeting, Hu Jiannan, chairman of Shandong New-blue environmental science and technology co., LTD., delivered a speech at the meeting and presented a new generation of innovative products, "a small intelligent manufacturing machine for Adblue". The concept of "new Adblue solution" was put forward. Once the equipment was launched, it was highly regarded and valued by relevant enterprises in Europe, including Poland and Denmark They actively seek exchanges and communication on the sidelines of the meeting to look forward to deeper cooperation in the future.

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Hu Jiannan introduced the produces of New-blue for the Polish company representatives and advised on how to layout the eastern European market

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The green Danish customer meeting of New-blue, communicated the layout of the Nordic market

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Mission in heart, determined to do. The new blue car is a combination of Adblue manufacturing and solution with Adblue in the small manufacturing machine, with the five characteristics of "essence", "wisdom", "pure", "beauty" and "save". Among them, "essence" : the use of German imported urea special detector to ensure accurate detection data; "Intelligence" : intelligent operation module, reducing manual intervention, intelligent monitoring of cloud; "Pure" : ultra-pure nano-level filtration system to ensure pure and efficient adblue urea solution; "Beauty" : simple and beautiful interior layout; "Save" : saving installation space, saving artificial and capital investment. Go abroad, quality first, subvert the purchase mode of traditional Adblue, and lead the new revolution of Adblue solution.

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In fact, a few days before the meeting started, Hu Jiannan, chairman of the New-blue and Zhang Qingtang, the general manager of New-blue visited the world's most authoritative Adblue quality certification body - the German automotive industry association (VDA) certification center, and discussed with the relevant leaders about the AdBlue market specification, enterprise certification and other issues, meanwhile, the future AdBlue market is analyzed. The VDA certification center is also optimistic about the future market of the New-blue car urea small intelligent manufacturing machine, and it will cooperate and support it.

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