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Adblue Help the National Environmental Protection Career

Shandong New-blue Environmental Science and Technology Co., LTD., in order to follow the company vision of "reduce the cost of environmental protection, help the country environmental protection, make the cloud sky more blue, air cleaner". In order to meet the needs of different customers for the adblue production equipment, with the joint efforts of the r&d department and the production department, the New-blue energy pure "green bag" packaged Adblue has been officially launched, which will be tested by the users of the majority of Adblue.

environment-friendly bags 1
Design renderings

environment-friendly bags 2

Physical drawings on the spot

The packaging of environmental bags has the following advantages:

Economical and pratical, saving packaging material cost
Biodegradable packaging materials to avoid environmental pollution
Use small amounts and avoid waste
Professional injection catheter to make it easier to add

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