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Adblue has been Awarded the Aggressive Award of China Brand Festival

On August 7, 2016, the 10th annual "Chinese brand festival • Internet financial brand BBS" opened at the international conference center in Dalian. The theme of this year's brand festival is "confidence and ingenuity". Shandong New-blue environmental science and technology co., LTD. has won the "aggressive award of China brand festival" for its excellent reputation and industry-leading patent technology in the field of Adblue.


Shandong New blue environmental founder, Hu Jiannan chairman delivered a keynote speech

Launched on August 8, 2006, China brand festival is the largest and most influential annual brand event in China. Hundreds of top industry entrepreneurs, including Zhang Ruimin, Liu Chuanzhi, Wang Jianlin, Chen Dongsheng, Liu Yonghao, Li Shufu and Yu Minhong, have all attended the brand festival and delivered speeches.

During this activity, experts from the domestic economic, financial, corporate and media organizations, representatives of associations, entrepreneurs and media people have extensively explored the topic. With the current market situation of the global economy, how to make the local enterprises stronger and stronger in the fierce competition, thus building confidence, the spirit of craftsmanship to promote the rapid development of the enterprise, and made a thorough analysis and interpretation.

In the brand section "2016, the brand marketing BBS", Mr. Hu Jiannan, chairman of Shandong New blue, delivered a keynote speech. When he talks about green and green travel, he combines the current situation of the Adblue and Adblue equipment in our cars. A detailed description of "intelligent equipment for Adblue, short supply chain", And the three advantages of the model are: "significantly reducing the cost of environmental protection for the state and enterprises; Focus on the pain points of the Adblue industry; Further regulate the Adblue industry."


Hu Jian nan's emphasizes the theme of "confidence and ingenuity".
Local enterprises should determine the path and direction of "don't forget the beginning and advance". In the past eight years, Shandong New blue has been pursuing the goal of "focusing, professional and focused". And they only choose the best raw materials, make the best Adblue, build the most professional Adblue equipment, the honor of the "the aggressive award of the product" is the affirmation and praise of the craftsmanship and quality of the use of Adblue equipment in Shandong New blue in the past eight years.
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