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Adblue Asks for No Help Ecperience Xinlan NW-450 Making Machine


We used to report the urea solution making machine product that belongs to Shandong Lanqi, it has overturned the traditional urea industry. It caught much attention from many enterprises and motorcade because of its high quality and low cost. In order to meet people the more curiosity of Xinlanurea solution making machine, writer went to a motorcade that is using Xinlan NW-450urea solution making machine to have a field research.


Although we all know bad quality urea can make after treatment system of cars get broken and influence the direct economic benefit of owner. At present, the chaotic market, loss of national standard causes urea solution with low quality and much impurity, so that it has influence on people's daily purchase.

Therefore, Xinlanurea solution making machine provides a better choice for theenterprises and motorcade which are looking for adblue solution with high quality and low cost. In this text, we are talking about large motorcadewith more than 100 cars, they chose  XinlanNW-450 whose daily production is 4 t, that is our leading actor in the passage.

The operating principle of Xinlanurea solution all-in-one machine is very simple. In general, it has four steps: making pure water-adding urea-stirring-filtrating again, at last finish producing the urea with 32.5% high purity export urea and 67.5% three-level ultrapure water(meet the specification of GB/T6682).
We found a marked sign said "urea muzzle". According to the administrator, Xinlan provided a fuel truck nozzle for adding urea directly and more conveniently, so that every car can add urea so easily as refueling.

In order to provide better environment for Xinlan NW-450, this motorcade used two rooms for making urea and storing urea. In this room that is not up to 10㎡, there still many 1000L barrels except Xinlan NW-450. According to the users, these barrels are used for storing pure water, stirred liquid and off-the-shelf adblue. The whole operation is so simple, it one step needs people, other steps like stirring, adding urea, mixing, filtrating are all finished by Xinlan NW-450.

We counted that there are six 1000L big barrels, four are used for off-the-shelf urea, one is for pure water, tone is for mixture of pure water and urea raw material. So strictly speaking, we need more room to storage these barrels except Xinlan NW-450. The place of barrels can be designed by yourselves and they can be connected with each other through pipe according to the room of users.
Internally it is complicated filter device, apart from multiple filter system, it still has two-pass reverse osmosis, activated carbon and EDI which can eliminate potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium ion and other impurity. Simply speaking, high precision filter system of Xinlan can eliminate various impurity effectively, so that avoiding impurity will block device of car to make sure product with high purity.

The pure water that been filtrated with high precision will be put in a barrel alone. In order to avoid secondary pollution, barrel with pure water is fully closed design, it is delivered to agitation vat and mixed with urea raw material by pump and water pipe. Xinlan NW-450 opened stir motor to mix urea raw material and pure water in the process of load material automatically.
This is the device that can load material automatically. It can put specific proportion urea raw material into stirring barrel through full-automatic intelligence system according to requirement. The electronic scale under the stirring barrel can real-time sense the different proportion of urea and pure water, so that it can reach accurate proportion control.

In order to avoid the influence of impurity, after the mixture of urea raw material and pure water , then it still needs to be thoroughly filtrated by two-pass filter system, at last it will get off-the shelf urea. Compared to the traditional producing ways that put civil water into urea raw material directly, Xinlan's filter system of pure water and urea can efficiently intercept various impurity.
The finished urea solution will be delivered to outside by pump andpipe, that is what we above-mentioned "urea gun", so we can use it to add urea directly.

In the future we will have smaller and true all-in-one machine

We can see that Xinlan's small urea machine greatly simplifies the process of traditional urea producing, we just need add urea raw material manually through automatic intelligence system. Other device has been finished in the process of installment, we just need to change filter element in later maintenance, it is free from complicated later maintenance with cost and time.

Additional words:

Compared with the urea with high price and different qualities, Xinlan's small device not only solve the quality problen of urea but also it has low cost and good operability. In the complicated market without standard, Xinlan has opened a shortcut for the motorcade, enterprises and administrators which is looking for high quality and low cost urea.

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