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The 2nd China International Commercial Vehicle and Parts Exhibition

The 2nd annual China International Commercial Vehicles and Parts Exhibition held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, concluded successfully. The exhibition brings together China's first-line car brand exhibitors. With the development of the automotive industry. The automobile exhaust industry has now entered a "new era." From scratch created a promising new industrial chain, and lead the entire car exhaust emissions reached four countries and five standards. Promote the automobile urea solution production industry restructuring and upgrading.
In response to the national call, the implementation of the 19 session of the NPC session - to make 2025 "national strategy in China to continue the work of promoting the innovation-driven, intelligent transformation, strengthening the foundation, the principle of green development, newblue environmental technology companies were invited to participate in 2017 The 2nd China International Commercial Vehicles and Parts Fairs introduced the Nw-350 Adblue, an automotive exhaust emission-oriented technology-led eco-friendly all-in-one machine, and invited VDA staff members Unanimously approved.

The 2nd China International Commercial Vehicle and Parts Exhibition 1
The 2nd China International Commercial Vehicle and Parts Exhibition 2
newblue always adhere to the market-oriented, technology and environmental protection as the principle, after years of research and experiment, launched the NW-450/650 650 series one-stop locomotive urea machine, the smart Machine adopts "German high-end sensor, Japan ultra-pure filtration system", developed and completed the water quality control technology and modular production, the use of drinking water in different regions, to achieve ultra-pure water preparation, effluent quality to meet production requirements; automatic deployment of technology and modules, autonomy R & D electronic control program, the use of rolling code to start the device, to avoid the use of inferior raw materials, the use of concentration sensors for monitoring the concentration of urea monitoring, error warning, data upload cloud, mobile phones and computers can be real-time view to achieve intelligent automated production and quality Remote monitoring and control, product quality in full compliance with (GB29518-2013) standards, to solve the production and logistics sectors of the secondary pollution problems, and the formation of mass production capacity for the car short-chain supply of urea to provide one-stop solution.

The 2nd China International Commercial Vehicle and Parts Exhibition 3

The development of newblue company confirms the precise control of intelligent urea production equipment for automobiles and reflects the high recognition of the products on the exhaust emissions of the middle and lower reaches of the automobile. New Blue's first AdBlue intelligent production of one machine mode of production, subvert the traditional mode of production, to solve customer investment in large, covers a wide area of the problem. The effectiveness of this move has been highly recognized by the majority of partners, this business model has been adopted by many customer dealer agents.

The 2nd China International Commercial Vehicle and Parts Exhibition 4
newblue environmental protection The introduction of NW-350 vehicle urea intelligent machine by the China Machinery Industry Federation, led by the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association and FAW, heavy truck, SAIC, Foton, Weichai, Yuchai, PetroChina, Sinopec more than 10 The appraisal committee of scientific and technological achievements appraised by the expert appraisal committee all agreed that:. The intelligent integration of car urea solution for the preparation of technology and equipment is an international initiative, the technology reached the leading domestic level, agreed that the product through the identification and recommendations to speed up product standardization and serialization work to further accelerate the promotion of the application of the results. With the opportunity of Kunshan exhibition, Blue will show more rich and perfect equipment.
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