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You can Use “urine” for Your Car . And the urea of Bad Quality can be Harmful

Dear friends who use cars meeting the national four standard: how much do you know about urea product? What will inferior urea do harm to your cars? What is the loss? The users of cars meeting the national emission standard stage four purchased the urea with low price on the market in order to save money. It seems that it can reduce the cost of using cars, actually, it was unreasonable in many aspects, even would cost you much more.

Damage 1: to damage the urea pump.

In fact, the urea using for the car meets strict production standard, which is composed of 32.5% highly pure urea and 67.5% deionized water. Some enterprises use ordinary water to replace deionized water so as to lower the production cost, which will not meet the requirements of use, and belong to disqualified products. The urea solution produced by non—deionized water will cause impurity content which will exceed the standard, block the filter, the running pipe of urea and injector, lower the effect of atomization of SCR system. Too much impurity will even damage the urea pump.

Damage 2: to damage the urea nozzle

The urea nozzle lies in the middle of escape—pipe, which is in the environment of high temperature. When it is working, it will exactly cool down through the circulation of urea solution. If it can't get the cooling effect of urea solution, the urea nozzle will be damaged easily.

Damage 3: to damage the controlled volume pump

When the concentration is not up to the standard, it will lead to the occurrence of excessive emission failure, which is finally reflected by the immediate reduction of the engine torque and the powerlessness of the vehicle, which will increase the freezing point of the solution. In the cold working conditions, it will result in the damage of controlled volume pump.

The case: a user of a car meeting the national emission standard stage found out the OBD trouble light broke down, which was diagnosed as the blocking urea nozzle. And it was detected as the urea product did not meet the standard. So he replaced the nitrogen oxide sensor and the original plant urea, costing 2750 yuan. The user sighed that using the fake product led to the loss outweighed the gain.

All in all, using the disqualified urea solution will damage the parts of the afterprocessing system such as urea pump, nozzle, catalyzer and so on, bring you a considerable loss. Thus, every user should choose the pure urea solution for car use avoiding losing a great deal through trying to save a little.

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