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What will Happens When the Adblue is Replaced by Water

A lot of truck friends or ulterior businessmen think that the principle of AdBlue is simple, in order to reduce the production or purchase cost of AdBlue, they will add water, or mix the agricultural urea and water to sell directly. What is the real danger of doing these?

Related technical experts point out that the user's method is more concealed, but the use of water instead of the AdBlue solution or water dilution of the urea solution, when water is diluted with a concentration of less than 32.5%, the AdBlue solution cannot reduce the exhaust gas, so that the NOx emission is still very high. To reduce emissions, national emission standard stage four that optimizes bad conditions is nothing more than a piece of paper. The long-term use of water will lead to the abnormal operation of the SCR system for a long time. The OBD system will directly reduce the output power of the engine and increase the fuel consumption. And it will also damage the parts of the SCR system. The total cost of changing the SCR system is between 70 thousand and 80 thousand, and the price of replacement of the nozzle is more than 2000 yuan. In the case of serious damage, the maintenance cost of the catalyst will be 3-5 million yuan. Although this approach reduces the cost of vehicle use in the short term, it is actually not worth the loss.

The SCR system is installed on the exhaust system. The nozzle is in the exhaust cylinder. The nozzle is the same as the nozzle of the agricultural sprayer. Because of the high temperature of the exhaust pipe, if use the AdBlue solution that is a mixture of ordinary urea and water, it will form the scale, which is what we call the "water pot", which can block the nozzle and fail to achieve the design effect. And it affects power and fuel consumption, the current technology is that it can only change the nozzle after the blockage, the cost of one nozzle is around 3,000 yuan, and it also takes your time to repair it.

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