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What is the AdBlue? The driver of the light car is a little confused

formerly, the domestic light truck basically adopted the EGR+DOC technology route, which can achieve the national emission standard stage four. With the arrival of the national emission standard stage five, small diesel engines also have to use SCR technology. AdBlue is a necessary additive for SCR, so the demand for AdBlue is higher and higher. But for many light truck drivers, they don't know what the AdBlue is.

The vehicle urea(diesel exhaust fluid) is a colorless, transparent and clear liquid. It was first used in Europe. It is installed in the urea tank, and when the nitrogen and oxygen compounds are found in the exhaust pipe, urea tank will automatically eject AdBlue. The oxidation-reduction reaction occurring in the SCR reaction tank produces pollution-free nitrogen and water.

In addition, there is a sensor to monitor the tail gas at the edge of the exhaust pipe. The injection of urea must be matched with the concentration of the nitrogen and oxygen compounds.While ensuring the reduction of the nitrogen and oxygen compounds, it can not exceed the weight.  If the amount of urea injection is too small, it will not reach the proper level of the treatment. If the amount of urea injection is excessive, the excess ammonia will be discharged into the atmosphere and it will lead to new pollution.

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