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Production of AdBlue - Ultrapure Water Equipment

Now more and more people are consulting the AdBlue, many of them do not know what is the AdBlue? The chemical formula of AdBlue is H2NCONH2, it is a kind of colorless transparent liquid, with the smell of slightly light ammonia, and it will become ice at -5 ℃ for a long time. As an additive for diesel vehicle tail gas treatment, the exhaust emission of diesel vehicle must reach the national emission standard stage four and five in Europe. The use of AdBlue is to convert harmful nitrogen oxides emitted from diesel engines into harmless water vapor and nitrogen, thus eliminating the pollution of the atmosphere. Now many cities have installed tail gas detection devices, and if the vehicle emissions are not up to the standard, it may be restricted to specific areas.

The production of AdBlue solution requires the mixture of superior agricultural urea and ultrapure water in proportion, and it needs recrystallization, decoloration, deionization and ion exchange. Then after dissolution, the finished product can be canned by multistage filtration. Ultrapure water needs to be generated by ultrapure water equipment. The following are the ultrapure water equipment made by our company for users, and the customers are used to produce AdBlue for cars.

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