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Precautions for AdBlue: How to Correctly Choose the AdBlue

Currently, the market of AdBlue is mixed, so how to choose the Adblue with good quality, reasonable price? The following experience is offered based on a few months of research in the market of AdBlue. Although there are a lot of brands in the market, according to the relevant departments, there are about 300 factories that are registered in the country. However, there are more than 3,000 brands on the market. Who will plan the tailpipe market? Who will protect the car owners? This is the interest that our country and our car owners need to maintain together.

The AdBlue is the solution of the SCR system of diesel vehicles, which is compulsory in our national emission standards stage four and five. It is also known as DEF, and automobile urea.

The solution of AdBlue is colorless, transparent and clear, with a concentration of 31.8% to 33.2%, which is used to restore nitrogen and oxygen compounds. The currently used AdBlue solution is composed of 32.5 percent high pure urea and 67.5 percent of deionized water. It has the effect of reducing the pollution of car exhaust, and it is also helpful for car maintenance. So we have to pay attention to some of the problems that may occur when we use AdBlue.

1. The method of using Adblue

Injection mode: barrel, diversion pipe;
Consumption criteria: for example, a 32-liter AdBlue can be used for a vehicle with a heavy car, which consumes about 100 liters of urea per vehicle for every 7,200 km; that is, it needs to be added every 2,300 km.
Suggestions: to avoid the lack of AdBlue in driving, the special urea solution with 10 liters of packaging should be recommended for 1-2 barrels.

2. Purchase channel of Adblue

According to our knowledge, the current purchase channels of Adblue are as followed: first, the self-built distribution network of Adblue manufacturers and the users can buy them from AdBlue manufacturers everywhere. Second, the heavy truck enterprises can choose the distributor (regional agent library) in all parts of the country, and users can contact the dealers for purchase.

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