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During the Peak Period of Environmental Protection and Investigation, the Market of Adblue Productio

The production cost and profit of vehicle AdBlue solution.

1. The AdBlue liquid used in the vehicle is composed of 32.5% AdBlue and 67.5% deionized water.

2. The finished product price of the automobile AdBlue solution is also divided into a large barrel and a small barrel, and the large barrel is usually a ton barrel, which can be loaded with one ton per barrel. It is mainly used in self-owned convoys, bus companies, automobile transportation companies, logistics companies, auto repair shops and so on. It is convenient to add and purchase in bulk. The price per ton is 2000-3500 yuan. The small barrel is 10L per barrel, its price is 20-35 yuan, mainly in the gas station, the auto parts city, the repair shop and so on-- all the big mobile space that is convenient for the purchase.

3. The production cost of the vehicle AdBlue liquid is 1750-1,900 yuan/ton, and the deionized water is produced by itself for 10 yuan/ton. A ton of urea can add water to three tons of AdBlue solution, and the combined cost is about 600 yuan per ton. Each barrel is 3.5 yuan, artificial electricity, and the package is added up to 10L, which costs 9.5-11 yuan per barrel.

4. The profit of the market price of AdBlue liquid is 10L for 20-35 yuan/barrel - 11 yuan/barrel cost = profit of about 9-24 yuan/barrel. Large drums of 2,000 yuan/ton - cost 650 yuan/ton = profit of 1350 yuan/ton. We have many years of production experience, the market popularity of the trademark is high, the trademark license is free to use, equipped with professional technicians to install and debug, More advanced technology and equipment renewal guarantee, use our trademark can also enjoy free technology tracking service and technology update. We truly achieve the integration of equipment service, provide convenience for our customers, and achieve win-win.

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