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Do you Really Know about the AdBlue?

Since 2016, all heavy vehicles in the country are required to meet the national emission standard stage five, According to the source from Ministry of environmental protection,  the Ministry of environmental protection planned to release the stage six of the national emission standard in December. But at present, the release time may be ahead, so that the place will be implemented ahead of time, and the industry will be prepared early.

According to authoritative news, the new standard stage six will take the lead in the implementation of the major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and will be gradually extended to the whole country after 2018. New standards have been planned to be implemented around 2020. The plan in the first half of 2017 will be equivalent to the "European five", and then expand into rural areas and so on. It will go hand in hand with the implementation of  the national emission standard stage six in big cities and promote the implementation of emission reduction measures nationwide.

As the largest motor vehicle market in the world, the AdBlue market of our country is rapidly opening. Related professionals predict that heavy diesel vehicles equipped with SCR will grow at least 500 thousand per year, and will theoretically reach 2 million 250 thousand by the end of 2017. According to the calculation of diesel vehicle output, it is expected that the capacity of our country's AdBlue market will reach 7 million tons by 2018. Therefore, the rapid increase in the scale of the AdBlue market will become the trend of the times.

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