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AdBlue Becomes the Necessity of the Heavy Truck in National 4 Standard

In view of the relatively poor quality of fuel oil in China and higher sulfur content, the vehicles that meet national emission standard stage four and stage five mostly adopts SCR route, for vehicles using SCR routes, the most important thing is to add the AdBlue solution. So, with the implement of national emission standard stage four and stage five, AdBlue and diesel have become the indispensable necessities of Ⅳ, V diesel vehicles.

Some people have calculated that the consumption of AdBlue solution in the car is 3% ~ 5% of diesel, i.e., 100 liters of diesel will need to use 3-5 liters of AdBlue solution. At present, the retail price of the 10-liter loading of AdBlue in the market is about 50 yuan, or 5 yuan/ liter, the amount of the AdBlue solution is calculated at 5% of diesel fuel, so it costs 25 yuan of urea solution for every 100 liters of diesel. Assuming that a heavy semi-trailer with 55 tons of fuel consumption is 38 liters, it will cost about 9.5 yuan to drive 100 kilometers to buy AdBlue. Assuming a heavy car travels 100,000 kilometers a year, it would cost about 9,500 yuan to buy an AdBlue solution for the car, which is a big expense.

At present in China, some users will remove the SCR system directly after playing cards, so as to reduce the cost of use and until the annual inspection. While removing the SCR system can save the cost of using urea in the car, but the dismantled SCR system is also a machine, which will soon be oxidized, and the nozzle can be easily blocked. A system worth tens of thousands of yuan can be easily discarded. The cost of replacing an SCR system is much more expensive than adding AdBlue to the car.

As the national V emission standard is to be implemented nationwide, the country further strengthens the inspection of automobile exhaust emissions. For energy conservation and environmental protection, and for our next generation, it is better not to dismantle the SCR system. The use of AdBlue in the car should be used, so do not cause damage to the SCR system in order to save the cost of AdBlue injection and lead to a greater loss.

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