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Anli Wei Made an Important Speech to Shandong New-blue Environmental Protection Company of Pure Car

On June 23, 2016, Anli Wei, the deputy secretary-general of China internal combustion engine industry association, visited Shandong new-blue environmental technology co., LTD. He Talked with the company's founder, Jiannan Hu and Qingtang Zhang, they delve into the future development of adblue urea solution and adblue production equipment. He was highly positive for the intelligent production, quality control cloud technology and super filtration technology of the new-blue environmental protection.

Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang accompanied the secretary-general of Wei inspecting the new blue factory. They assessed the new blue smart device and the adblue urea solution. All indicators were highly evaluated by the secretary-general, and he praised the new-blue company as a guide and benchmark for modern car urea industries. At the same time, the secretary-general of Wei put forward an valuable guidance to new blue future product research and development and technical innovation. He encourages new-blue to seize market opportunities and bring high-quality, low-cost environmental products to the market.

Anli Wei, deputy secretary, graduated from Jilin University of Technology (now Jilin University) in 1980, specializing in internal combustion engine. He has worked in the department of agricultural machinery, machinery, internal combustion engine of the internal combustion engine, China internal combustion engine industry association and other departments, and now he is the deputy secretary general of China internal combustion engine industry association. His research fields include management research of internal combustion engine industry, adjustment of industrial structure and upgrading of industrial transformation, research of product technology development, research on synergistic development of internal combustion engine products and supporting machinery, the research of policies and regulations to promote industrial development, technical policies and technical regulations, research on the development of products, technical regulations related to the internal combustion engine products, and the application of alternative energy (methanol fuel) to internal combustion engines. He has completed the drafting and preparation of documents such as "conditions for the entry of China's internal combustion engine". He is now organizing the preparation of documents such as the 13th five-year plan for China's internal combustion engine industry.

The visit of the under-secretary-general of Anli Wei was a sign that the products and technologies of the new-blue company have reached the industry's first and lead domestic level. It is believed that in the near future, the new-blue company's urea series will bring more benefits to the drivers, let the air reduce a little bit of pollution and make the world blue.

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