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1. What is the vehicle urea?
The urea composition of the vehicle is 32.5% of high purity urea and 67.5% of deionized water, used in SCR technology to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution in diesel exhaust. Vehicle urea usage is 4% -6% of fuel

2. What is SCR technology?
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is a treatment process for NOx in exhaust emissions from diesel vehicles, that is, under the action of a catalyst, injecting the urea in the reducing agent vehicle to reduce NOx in the exhaust gas to N2 and H2O Purpose of emission reduction. SCR technology is widely used in diesel engine tail gas after treatment, are the four countries of the five major mainstream technology line.

3. The country is the four countries?
Four countries, referring to the national automobile exhaust emission standards. At present, China's automobile emission standards are divided into a national five to five levels. 11 provinces and cities in the east since April 1, 2016, has begun to implement the five national standards. Car exhaust emissions are mainly HC (hydrocarbon), NOx (nitrogen oxides), CO (carbon monoxide), PM (particles), etc., through the application of tail gas treatment technology can control and reduce vehicle emissions of pollutants to the provisions Values below.

4. Why the main vehicle treatment of diesel exhaust diesel?
Compared with the same displacement gasoline vehicles, diesel, CO2, CO, HC lower emissions, NOx and particle emissions higher. Because diesel engines are now supercharged diesel engine, let the diesel completely burn finished, there must be enough oxygen into the high pressure after the oxygen too much oxygen and diesel nitrogen reaction to produce by-product nitrogen oxides, so the car Urea mainly treat diesel exhaust.

5. Urea content is not compliance of the disadvantages?
If the urea content is not up to standard, the same amount of solution to participate in the reaction of urea is less, the treatment of the exhaust gas so that the probe has always explored excessive emissions, the computer has been directing the amount of urea pump injection, will increase the use of urea.

6. SCR system how to deal with tail gas?
The particles in the diesel exhaust pollutants will burn out in the silencer. Nitrogen oxide treatment will use car with urea. Car urea with the waste heat of the exhaust pipe to decompose it into ammonia, ammonia and nitrogen oxides react to produce non-polluting nitrogen and water, discharged into the atmosphere.

7. What conditions to deal with tail gas?
1) temperature: must be enough temperature, urea can break down ammonia, but also with nitrogen oxides reaction.
2) exhaust with excessive nitrogen oxides, probe (nitrogen oxide sensor) was reported to the computer version, the car computer issued a directive, urea pump only time, quantitative spray urea. So, the exhaust temperature sensor does not detect more than 200 ° urea is not sprayed.

8. Do not use car with any disadvantages of urea?
1, if not long-term use or directly to the SCR system removed, the system will soon be oxidized chemicals, urea nozzles will be blocked, resulting in the entire system scrapped, replace the cost of an SCR system than the cost of urea Much more.
2, without urea liquid diesel nitrogen oxide emissions than urea-filled diesel vehicles 4 times higher. At the same time, due to the limited function of OBD, so the diesel fuel tanker more powerful, non-urea vehicles are less power.

9. OBD what role?
OBD (On-board Diagnostic System) monitors NOx emissions. When the NOx emission exceeds the OBD limit, the fault indicator is activated and the torque limiter limits the torque to the engine to achieve excessive monitoring of the emissions purpose.

10. Why not increase the fuel consumption will increase?
When the engine power is limited by the decline in the overtaking or climbing, you have to increase in advance throttle. For example, the front 2 km there is a slope, usually to the foot of the foot and then you can rush up; if the power limit, you have to advance 2 km speed slope, then the 2 km section of the road is extra fuel, and a month Down will find that no urea will increase fuel consumption than urea.

11. Why some drivers have done hands and feet, did not feel the power down?
Because now the car power is very large, 420/430 horsepower, the reserve power is enough. If the high-speed, the plains cannot use so high power, because of urea and limit the power, the feeling is not obvious.