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Cooperation Agent

Investment process:

1. Accept the New blue’s qualification review;
2. Hope to be able to communicate face to face with New blue, understanding of related products, corporate culture, brand and marketing plan details;
3. both sides agreed to sign the agency agreement, to establish of new agency cooperation relationship;
4. Training Newblue’s related product knowledge and business model;
5. Identify and implement sales strategies and procedures, with all subsequent supplies of equipment;
6. The formal operation of sales, New blue provides tracking guidance.

Investment advantage:

1. AdBlue leader, VDA German certification company, worldwide sales of up to 220 million $
2. Production equipment. The finished products have a high market share, mainly including Adblue filling machine, Adblue water purification system, Adblue solution, Adblue grade urea material etc.
3. 28 national heavy truck listed companies have achieved overall production, marketing and service in the country;
4. We signed 27 Urban Bus fleets to achieve strategic alliances, and created a win-win cooperation model under China's sales;
5. "One city, one agent", so that dealers get more powerful brands, focusing support;
6. 32 aftermarket operators, more than 270 mobile service vehicles, to provide more comprehensive and meticulous technical services;
7. Good terminal order maintenance, protect dealers' regional rights and interests;
8. Committed to the global market development, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other countries continued deep cooperation;
9. Quality of product best, outstanding effect, new products by our customers and friends alike, for three consecutive years was rated "top ten top ten enterprises in Shandong" title brand first.