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Today, according to the national v emission standards in the global implementation of the formal, but the car is still a hot topic in the market. Put aside the market in the shoddy, fake and shoddy products, even if the formal production, quality standards of vehicle urea is also inevitable in the use of the process of various unsatisfactory situation, which can not help but the implementation of the country five The standard is bleak.

New urea car chain

Urea use a lot of attention

Reporters have received more than once to reflect the user, in the use of formal channels to buy qualified vehicles with urea products, urea injection port is still a phenomenon of congestion. In this regard, the reporter side to understand the situation, while visiting the field, found in the investigation process, the user reflects the problem more important in the car with urea transport, storage and filling process.

Vehicle urea is composed of 32.5% of the composition of high purity urea and 67.5% of the composition of deionized water, the best storage temperature of about -5 ℃ ~ 25 ℃ between. Once the temperature below -11.5 ℃, the vehicle will produce crystallization of urea, and long-term storage temperature higher than 35 ℃, the free ammonia composition will increase. In addition, when the vehicle for a long time exposed to direct sunlight, it is also easy to breed algae, thus affecting the use of the solution.

Vehicle urea in the transport process by the outside world, not only to take into account the temperature control, but also the use of appropriate packaging, transport materials to protect the effective use of the product.

In fact, the vehicle is affected by external factors not only reflected in the transport process, storage is also the key.

Gas station sold by a small package of automotive vehicles with urea products exposed to the outside, very vulnerable to direct sunlight, and the temperature is difficult to control, once the time is too long, the vehicle urea solution will inevitably produce a chemical reaction, which can not reach Use standard.

Not only that, even if the transport, storage does not occur "accident", the user in the filling process "do not pay attention" will cause the fuel injection port blockage.

Actively prevent the reduction of hidden dangers

See here, many users must use the car with the cumbersome and worry about urea, in fact, need not. Reporters learned that the daily filling process, the user simply buy a qualified product to ensure the correctness of the filling can be. The car with urea in the transport, storage, filling the process of the existence of hidden dangers, manufacturers are through positive efforts to minimize the probability of occurrence.

"In the process of production of urea, we strict packaging quality, to ensure that storage containers meet the standards; logistics links, we strictly control the transport temperature, to avoid external factors; filling process, we provide users with a separate Packaging diversion tube, so that filling more clear, convenient, to avoid the occurrence of secondary pollution. "Qin Jian said.

In fact, in the development of automotive urea relatively mature in Europe, the form of filling stations has gradually replaced the traditional way of filling. This kind of fixed filling form not only makes the filling of the vehicle urea more convenient, clean, but also can better protect the vehicle storage environment of urea. With the continuous development of China's automotive urea industry, filling machine, filling station research and development and construction gradually network, popular.

At the same time, newblue is also working with Sinopec to actively build the filling station. Qin Jian told reporters, at present, the construction of the filling station has been fully started, has been completed in the construction of dozens of filling stations in the use of filling process safety, environmental protection, the user reflects the good. The future, the construction of the filling station will also be toward a broader market.

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