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Since the establishment of new blue laboratory, focus on improveing product quality, improving the R & D technology, developing  tools to enhance the performance of the AdBlue constructions, relying on the international advanced Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, gas chromatography, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, non dispersive atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer test instrument as the basis. Ion chromatograph, conductivity instrument, microwave acceleration reaction system and atomic fluorescence analyzer were used as the testing instruments, backed by 28top R&D  talents (doctoral degree) .The product stability and development of international sales, win-win cooperation and market demand closely together, strengthen cooperation in scientific research and industry domestic and overseas, the stability of products can continue to improve, continuously improve the capability of independent innovation, has gradually developed into a first-class R & D system, first-class technical equipment, production equipment, can develop Adblue production equipment independently, including  AdBlue products. New blue Laboratory has become scientific research organization which is including manufacturing equipment research and development, technology management, information collection and analysis, information technology training, global customer service.

The technology center has established a stable strategic cooperative relationship  with national leading enterprises in China ,liking China Weichai, Yuchai, Futian heavy industry, heavy truck, mountain rescue, Shandong Valin Kama, national diesel Association etc with the development of new products,. At present, the experimental technology center is around the AdBlue new equipment development, ultra pure water preparation technology, AdBlue solution product stability research and development, and other aspects of all aspects of experimental research and development.

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