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Development History

2016 year

1. 2016.4.11 Shandong New Blue Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd was formally established。

2. 2016.5.18 The company's first annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of production line put into operation.

3. 2016 .9.8 The company has passed the international product quality certification ISO9001。

4. 2016.11.14 submitted audit to the German VDA certification system。

5. 2016.12.16, successfully passed the German Automobile Industry Association VDA certification audit.

6. 2016.8.30,the audit team of the national authority of the certification organization entered into the second phase of supervision and audit for two days based on GB / T19001-2008 idt ISO9001: 2008 “quality management system requirements”.

7. 2016 11.28 Successfully tested by state authority organization.

8. 2016.12.12 successfully in  research and development of integrated piling independent filling machine (16 kinds of products) research and development.

9. 2016.12.20 IC card system get certification of bank card testing center and Sinopec Petrochemical PCC.

10. 2016.7.25 approved by the EU ISO22241 standard.

11. 2016.8.16 Successfully joined the China Internal Combustion Engine Association Vehicle Urea Water Solution (CGT) Member Unit.

12. 2016.7.12 get intellectual property rights certification.

2017 year

1. 2017.2.12, get the VDA quality management system certification

2. 2017.4.2, reached a cooperation agreement with China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing 

3. 2017.4.7, New blue brand "Jin Chun" trademark registration approval is completed.

4. 2017.7.31, successfully registered New blue sign.

5. 2017.8.8, Invited by the Chairman of the Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association and joined the association on the same day.

6. 2017.8.12, get certification of ISO 14001 environmental management system.

7. 2017.8.21, Obtained certification of TS16949 quality management system-the organization of automotive industry production parts and related services parts on carrying out the ISO9001 special requirements. 

8. 2017.9.5, successfully held an Identification of Scientific and Technological Achievements. 

9. 2017.9.15 , participated in Qilu Petrochemical shares.